Call for Artists: Art on the Walk

Anaheim GardenWalk

Anaheim, CA

In addition to our quarterly event, Art on the Walk is an ongoing program that Anaheim
GardenWalk has that showcases local artists through galleries, exhibits, murals, and more
throughout the property.

We are looking for four artists to fill four mural spaces on the upper
level of our property. We would like to have all mural spaces completed before October 14,

If you would like to see some of the murals that are already on the property, check out our
Instagram page: @thegardenwalk.

 Mural must be family-friendly. Fun, vibrant colors preferred.
 We will cover up to $200 worth of art supplies.
 We will pay for the artist’s parking during the time they are on the property to work on
their mural.
 We will produce an artist bio to be displayed next to the mural space.
 We have two 12’ ladders, a scaffold, and drop cloths for artists to use.

If interested, please send samples of your work or a rendering of your potential mural to Valerie
Ng, the marketing and social media intern, at If you have any
additional questions, please also reach out to Valerie.

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