Producer/Storytelling Intern

New Podcast

Los Angeles, CA



I am the host of a six-year-running podcast and have a 2nd one in the works, and

that's where you come in: I am seeking an intern (unpaid to start) to assist and collaborate in writing podcast scripts to turn interviews into stories (think Death-Sex-&-Money or similar shows).

Together we will write intros as well as narrative interludes to make each guest's story come alive.

If you have radio and/or podcast experience of some kind, great, if not, as long as you have some story writing experience, i'm open to your letter of interest.



There is a possibility of pay once the podcast launches and is bringing in money, but ideally you are excited about the opportunity to learn and gain experience, which you will in spades.



Please email a brief letter of introduction including an overview of your experience and your interest in the position, to michaeshaw_sar(at)yahoo(dot)com

Thank you very much for your interest.

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