2016 Third Coat ShortDocs Challenge

Third Coast International Audio Festival

Chicago, IL

2016 Third Coast ShortDocs Challenge
aka: It’s YOUR Turn to Make Radio

from the Third Coast International Audio Festival & Manual Cinema

Submit a short audio story by May 17th


Based in Chicago, the Third Coast International Audio Festival curates, honors, and shares the best audio stories produced around the world, and encourages new work from veteran producers and audio enthusiasts alike.


Each spring, Third Coast invites everyone to produce short audio stories that follow a specific set of rules for our 2016 ShortDocsChallenge: Radio Cinema. No prior experience is necessary! This year’s ShortDocs Challenge is inspired by the conventions of film, and created in partnership with Manual Cinema - a cinematic shadow puppet performance collective! This year's challenge is all about delighting the mind's eye. Manual Cinema will adapt one of the winning submissions into a live cinematic stage performance in Chicago this fall.

Remember! Your ShortDoc can be documentary, mockumentary, radio fiction, sound art, or anything in between... just as long as it follows the 3 ShortDocs rules.


ShortDocs submissions will be accepted through May 17th, and can be easily submitted.


Learn all about the rules (there are just three!), guidelines, and inspiration right here.

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