2017-18 Budget Report

2017-18 Budget Summary for Los Angeles County and CA Arts Funding

To keep you informed, Arts for LA continues to monitor cultural budgets at the local, county, and state, and can report the following.

Increased FY 2017/18 Budget for City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs

For fiscal year 2017/18, DCA reports its adopted budget increased 5.9% to $13.1 million. 

Mayor Eric Garcetti says, "Los Angeles is the creative capital of the world, so art isn't an afterthought for us — it's part of who we are, and it's essential to the health and happiness of our people. Art has extraordinary power to transform perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors, especially when it lives in places that are accessible to everyone. We're proud to invest in the artistic genius that thrives in our city, because it gives Angelenos more opportunities to exercise their imaginations and inspire one other."

"Since taking office nearly four years ago, I have collaborated with my colleagues to return the arts to public spaces. Recently, the LA City Council revived murals and re-instituted the Arts Development fee — a clear focus on the importance of arts in our communities. As Chair of the Arts, Parks, and Los Angeles River Committee, I will continue to identify opportunities for greater public access to these experiences in collaboration with the Department of Cultural Affairs,” said Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell.

“This funding increase will allow DCA to enhance its existing programming," said DCA General Manager Danielle Brazell. "With this continued investment, the city is demonstrating its dedication to delivering artistic and cultural experiences to all our communities.”

Stable Funding for LA County Arts Commission Grants Program and New Funding for Cultural Equity and Inclusion Initiative

The Organization Grant Program (OGP) of the LA County Arts Commission has received level funding for 2017-18 at $4,518,000. Over 400 nonprofit arts organizations receive OGP funding.

In addition, on Monday, June 26, the Board of Supervisors unanimously approved funding for the following five CEII recommendations:

  • Development of a Los Angeles County Cultural Policy ($50,000 one-time);
  • Requirement for cultural organizations that contract with the County to include statements, policies or plans for cultural equity ($50,000 ongoing);
  • Expansion of college arts pathways through paid arts internships for community college students ($448,000 ongoing);
  • Development of teen arts pathways to create access to work-based learning opportunities for teens ($230,000 ongoing);
  • Placement of artists to work cross-sector to address social problems ($235,000 ongoing).

“This FY 2017-2018 budget prioritizes the Arts Commission and County arts programming. I’m glad we are able to showcase our arts potential and highlight our artistic jewels within the County,” states Supervisor Hilda L. Solis.

Governor & Legislature Make $6.8 Million Increase Permanent for California Arts Council

On June 27, Governor Jerry Brown signed a state budget that includes a $6.8 million permanent increased funding allocation for the California Arts Council (CAC). The budget also includes an additional $750,000 ongoing allocation to directly support increased arts programming for youth engaged in California's juvenile justice system, as well as an additional $2 million increased allocation for California's Arts in Corrections program.

The overall California Arts Council budget also includes approximately $1.1 million in annual federal support from the National Endowment for the Arts, and approximately $2.5 million in annual funds from sales and renewals of California's Arts License Plate and voluntary state tax return contributions to the Keep Arts in Schools Fund. With all sources combined, the Arts Council's total 2017-18 budget will be approximately $19.48 million, plus an additional, separate $8 million state allocation for Arts in Corrections.

"We are grateful to Governor Brown and our state legislators for their belief in the power of the arts to enrich our lives and foster safe, healthy, and vibrant California communities," said Donn K. Harris, California Arts Council Chair. "The state's increased investment in culture and creative expression has helped to grow arts programs benefitting Californians at all levels of society, and demonstrates clearly who we are and what we value as a state.