Affordable Housing for Artists - Santa Ana

Santa Ana Arts Collective

Santa Ana, CA

Santa Ana Arts Apartments in Orange County ( is at W. 17th Street and Main St opening in March/April 2020.

The one bedrooms and some of the two bedrooms are leased, but three bedrooms (which require 4 people minimum) are wide open. 

Click here to download the Pre-Application, which include details about income-restrictions and rent levels.

Meta has housed 75 artists to date (most notably at ACE/121 in Glendale). With Carson and Santa Ana, we have an opportunity to serve another 80 artists households. We’re always trying to build more artist units because the arts are a critical component of LA’s economy and because California’s housing crisis has enveloped earners from 25 – 60% AMI like those that constitute LA’s creative class. 

Meta Housing Corporation seeks to support Southern California’s working artists with long-term Affordable Housing, a tenant woodshop, music and performance practice space, a peer-to-peer learning environment, and colocation with a mission-oriented exhibition space.

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