An Open Letter to LAUSD Superintendent Michelle King


Dear Superintendent King,

Congratulations on your unanimous appointment to Superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District. Growing up in Los Angeles and graduating from Hamilton High School, I have seen first hand your inclusive leadership and your commitment to students, teachers, and parents.

Arts for LA looks forward to working with you who so deeply knows the needs of our students and is dedicated to finding solutions to the myriad challenges they face and making opportunities available to everyone.

Representing a broad network of organizations, we seek educational equity and access for every student in this district. We believe a measure of a school and a student’s educational health is their access to a well-rounded education that includes arts instruction. A complete education that includes the arts enables social-emotional learning, promotes empathy and equality, values diversity, and prepares students for entry into college and careers in the world’s most innovative region, where the creative economy generates 1 in 7 jobs.

Arts education in LAUSD is at a historic moment, with support and leadership by the school board helmed by President Steve Zimmer, and by Executive Director of Arts Education Rory Pullens, who stands at the front lines of equitable education for our students.

We know the district faces immense challenges but also see the many tools and strategies available, such as the opportunities provided by the recently passed federal legislation, Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), our state’s LCAP process that balances district autonomy with accountability, countywide support as part of the Arts for All network, and LAUSD’s Arts Equity Index that measures student access to art instruction for your 900 schools.

Arts for LA stands with you, the LAUSD board, the Arts Branch, and the thousands of teachers, artists, arts organizations, and parents who are committed to providing our children with a well-rounded education that includes all arts disciplines.




Sofia Klatzker
Executive Director