Angela Rios

District: Garvey
Position Seeking: Governing Board Member

Question 1: Please share a meaningful experience you had with art (visual, dance, drama, music, media arts) while growing up.

In elementary school, Ms. Alexander would come into our class with her guitar, and teach us tunes that I can still sing to this day. Unfortunately, my parents were not able to provide my siblings and me with any outside activities, so choir became my haven. I loved being in a group that shared the same common goals and interests. Ms. Alexander displayed a love of the art of music that impacted me in such a way that I will carry it with me forever. I can unequivocally say that choir is the reason I graduated from High School.

Question 2: What kind of creative solutions would you suggest to support student outcomes such as English language development, closing the achievement gap, and preparation for college and/or meaningful careers?

One creative idea would be known as, “Parent Chasers”. Every parent has real reasons why they can’t be involved. What if there was a person, a “Parent chaser”, whose job was to help parents get involved. Once the parent is at the meeting, we can give them real tangible information, educate them, and make it fun at the same time, so they want to comeback. As a parent, I understand that these are true needs and desires of our community. I want to help our parents help our children. I believe in the equation: student + teacher+ parent = success.

Question 3: What do you think should be the role of the School Board in ensuring that students have access to a broad range of study?

I believe that it is the school board member’s job to ensure that students are getting access to a broad range of study. Surveying the students and visiting the schools to find out if the curriculum is nurturing the whole student are initial ways to do this. In addition, board members should collaborate with the feeder schools to assure that transition as seamless as possible.

Question 4: In light of the Local Control Funding Formula and development of district Local Control Accountability Plans (LCAPs), what are your creative solutions for achieving goals in the eight priority areas?

A creative idea I have is to partner with our community. Listening, helping, and educating parents and other community members will foster the success of our students. I currently serve on the executive board of Cuerva Urban Folklorico, as well as several other art committees. One way to partner with the community is to include our local cultural artists such as the ones I work with. They would be from all ethnic backgrounds, including the predominant Asian and Latino community. Our students gain new experiences through new cultures, and the artists would gain by giving back to their community.