Art Competition: Anu 12


Salt Lake City, UT

What Is Anu:

Anu’s mission, is to offer a venue for emerging local and national artists of high quality and unique perceptions who have not acquired mainstream exposure or are looking to simply promote and sell their work. Anu offers serious collectors, producers, students and the public the opportunity to take part in creating, selling and buying art. As we grow, we will one day have a place where you can enjoy art, food and entertainment, all under one roof.

We are accepting applications for our first annual "Anu 12". We are looking to feature 12 artists for the 2019 coming year. These artists (one artist or art collective group per month) will be featured at our location in South Salt Lake, UT. Anu wants to show Salt Lake City a collection of urban art from other parts of country.

For 2019 we are looking for artist that has an urban style, with the colors and shapes to match. We are looking for 2d and smaller 3d artwork to fit in the gallery section of the shop. We’re not looking for large artwork. Your items will need to fit in the space provided and reasonably priced so that we can sell your items to the local community and businesses.

Winners of 2019 “Anu 12” will receive the following:

  1. An opening reception at the beginning of the month. (You will be the featured artist).
  2. A closing reception at the end of the months.
  3. $200 cash prize.
  4. Commissions from the items we sell.
  5. Featured on our website, facebook, instagram and other online media advertisement.
  6. Featured on other media advertisement. (letter, brochure, flyer, etc.).
  7. A team promoting and selling your artwork to other businesses and the public.
  8. Cold-calling potential clients to view and purchase your artwork.

Our purpose is to expose urban art to the city and the community. We want people to see the world outside the state of Utah. As they convert this area into the “Art District of Salt Lake city”, we believe urban art should be a part of it.


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