Art Instructor/Painter

Exceptional Children's Foundation Art Center Program

San Pedro 

Job Responsibilities:
The Instructor will work one-on-one with adult artists with developmental disabilities to create their own unique artwork for sale at our downtown LA site and in other exhibition venues.  Will function in several media of artistic expression in addition to a concentration in at least one art specialty area to create successful projects with our artists. Give instruction in the proper use of materials, care, and protection of art work, production of salable art, and help our artists become proficient in at least one art media. Ensure the safe use of equipment, including basic safety measures to be used when working with various tools, machines, and materials, safe lifting procedures, etc. Responsibilities also include ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our artists, and helping to maintain an overall enjoyable studio for all participants. Knowledge and interest in contemporary art needed.
Instructor will implement artistic, educational, and behavioral treatment plans monthly. The position entails working with a several developmentally disabled participants at a time in a fun and energetic atmosphere.


Bachelor's degree and technical skills in one art area. Six months related experience. Knowledge and interest in contemporary art needed. Must have a portfolio of finished work. Experience with the developmentally disabled community is highly preferred, but not required. 

Required Documents:

Send resume and portfolio to Erin at 

No deadline. Apply asap!  




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