Artist Assistant


Los Angeles, CA

Looking for an artist assistant with multiple set of studio skills and talents.  Part time work  depending on projects.  
Primary skills:   
A painting / sculpture background is preferred.  Must have knowledge of mixing paint colors,  working in different mediums,  spray paint. Drawing and sketching skills.  Have a good hand with variety of brushwork techniques.  Stretching canvas, gesso-ing, and preparing surfaces.   Must be able to adapt to different work environments and take direction.   Some jobs are on site, painting murals on large walls, outdoors or in private interior spaces, requiring climbing scaffolding or getting up on ladders.   Some projects are more sculptural.  Any experience working with with cement, plaster, or resin, wood or any other 3D medium is ideal. Be comfortable with using basic wood shop tools: drills, chops saw, jigsaw, etc.  Clean up required daily, of brushes, tools and keeping everything organized in the studio.  
Bonus skills:  
Experience using ADOBE photoshop, illustrator, or design.  Creating PDFs.  Photographing or documentation of work.  Savvy with social media, Pinterest and marketing skills.  
Be upbeat, organized, neat, fun and have good vibes.  Must like dogs, I have a studio pup.  I like to listen to music and the radio while at the studio, but at times things can get quiet and very focused.  Be able to change gears quickly.   Id like an assistant that gets my process, likes to experiment, and eventually is able to give valuable input to the projects at hand.  
Pay starts at $17 an hour.  Please email CV and examples of some of your own work as mentioned above to:  [email protected]

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