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Volunteer Artist Mentor

Venice Arts is always interested in finding qualified volunteers who can assist with our youth programs. Professionals and college students with background qualifications in the following may apply: photography, film/video, animation, multimedia and/or visual arts. Many of our mentors use volunteering as a way to gain teaching experience in their field. Others simply want to inspire young people to hone their craft. Volunteers will be trained by Venice Arts staff and given artist mentor assignments, in our Venice programs, and/or at offsite partner locations.

Must be a photographer, filmmaker, animator, multimedia or visual artist working with media. Experience teaching or working with youth is preferred, but not necessary.

We are currently looking for Volunteer Artist Mentors for our Fall session which will take place from September 15, 2017- December 16, 2017. Classes meet once a week for two hours during afterschool hours on Tuesday-Friday from 4-6 and all day Saturday. A team comprised of a paid Lead Artist, with background and experience in education, who works cooperatively with volunteer artist mentors to teach the workshops. We are also hoping to keep our Fall Volunteer Artists Mentors for the following Spring session!

Volunteer artist mentors are asked to arrive to their assigned workshop at least 30 minutes early and stay after class for 15-30 minutes to work with the Lead Artist, review the lesson plan, and prepare for that day’s class. Volunteers are welcomed, and encouraged, to prepare and lead lessons, and present their own work, when appropriate.

College Credit also available!

Volunteers can expect to learn

You will gain teaching experience, all the while strengthening your skills in digital art. This is a rewarding position in which you will work closely with a small number of students to inspire and guide each individual with their creative journeys. The majority of our students come from low-income families who don't have accessibility to state of the art equipment and art mentoring programs that will enlighten their sense of possibility.

Application Details

Please ask for an application to [email protected] or you can download the application here: http://www.venicearts.org/index.php?view=section&id=7793. Interested applicants can contact Erica Rodriguez at (310) 392-0846 or at [email protected].

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