Arts Delegates 2018




Thank you for agreeing to join us as an Arts Delegate for ArtsDay 2018!

We are excited to have such a powerful group of advocates meet with our LA City Councilmembers and Council Office staff to discuss arts and cultural topics affecting our communities.

This webpage contains exclusive information to help you prepare for your delegation visits with your City Council District Office on ArtsDay (April 20, 2018).



As an Arts Delegate, you will:


  • Meet with Councilmembers and/or Council District Office staff face-to-face to discuss the arts & culture priorities for your community
  • Establish relationships with other Arts Advocates from all over the City of Los Angeles/ LA County
  • Learn strategies for engaging elected officials in face-to-face conversations
  • Inform legislators about the arts and cultural priorities in your community
  • Learn about the city-wide legislative agenda for ArtsDay from Arts for LA leadership
  • Attend the Arts Delegate Training Session on March 27, 2018 and participate in Arts Delegate activities on ArtsDay LA 2018 at LA City Hall on April 20, 2018
  • Contribute your knowledge of the arts and cultural landscape of your community to develop talking points specific to your delegation’s council district with other members of your delegation
  • Be an Arts Advocate! Inform legislators about the arts and culture priorities, successes, and needs of your community and engage them in conversation about the role and value of the arts in the lives of their constituents
  • Debrief Arts for LA staff on the content of your delegate meeting and complete a brief survey about your experience as an Arts Delegate



The ARTS DELEGATE GUIDE includes the full timeline for ArtsDay, directions to City Hall (including METRO and parking information), instructions for entering City Hall and getting through the security checkpoint, and further information about the ArtsDay Proclamation and Presentation during the City Council Meeting as well as where Arts Delegates will convene before and after your meeting with your Councilmember and staff. 



  • Optional ArtsDay Activities:
    • 8:30am - 9:45am - Coffee & Networking: Rotunda, 3rd Floor
    • 9:45am - FLASH MOB transition to the John Ferraro City Council Chambers: 3rd floor, Room 340
    • 10:00am - Enter the City Council Chambers
    • 10:15am - ArtsDay 2018 Proclamation & Presentation, John Ferraro City Council Chambers, 3rd Floor
    • 11:00am - Group Photo, Spring Street Steps of LA City Hall
  • Arts Delegate Activities:
    • 11:45am - 12:00pm - Arts Delegate Check-in: 4th Floor, Media Room
    • 12:00pm - 1:00pm - Arts Delegate Lunch & Final Delegation Preparation: 4th Floor, Media Room
    • 1:00pm - 3:00pm - Delegation Meetings with Councilmembers and staff: Council District Offices, 4th Floor
    • 1:30pm - 3:30pm - Arts Delegate Report Back: 4th Floor, Media Room



These materials were reviewed in the Arts Delegate Training Session on Tuesday, March 27, 2018 at Self-Help Graphics & Art.

Arts for LA's Executive Director, Sofia Klatzker, also recently hosted a supplemental training webinar for those who were unable to attend the in-person Arts Delegate Training Session. The webinar, which includes an overview of ArtsDay, the 2018 Legislative Agenda, and basic information about delegate visits to LA City Council District Offices, can be viewed here:











What are the benefits of being an Arts Delegate?
  • Direct access to City of Los Angeles elected officials and/or high level staff to communicate ideas, concerns, and thanks on behalf of the arts and culture community in your City Council District
  • Recognition as an arts and culture community leader by local government entities
  • Establish relationships with other Arts Advocates and community leaders in your area
Will I be representing Arts for LA?

NO. Although Arts for LA will coordinate your delegation’s meeting with your Councilmember/ their staff, you will be representing yourself/ your community. You are welcome to share your professional/ organizational affiliations with the Councilmember/ their staff to demonstrate your connection to the community or highlight personal/ organizational activities in your council district. However, this meeting is not intended as an opportunity for direct solicitation for your personal projects or your organization.

Which City Council District will I be representing?

Arts for LA will work to assemble delegations that can effectively speak on behalf of a diverse body of stakeholders and community groups that operate in and/or are connected to each district. To this end, please be sure to select the council district in which you are registered to vote and/or where you have strong personal or professional ties to the community when completing the registration form. Arts for LA cannot make this determination for you.

Who else will be on my delegation?

Other arts advocates and community leaders from your area. Given that meetings with City Councilmembers/ Council District Office staff are limited to 20-30minutes, each delegation will be limited to 4-5 members. Arts for LA will form delegations on a first-come, first-served basis, taking into consideration factors such as each delegation member’s role in/ relationship to the community, whether or not they are registered to vote in the district, and which facet of the community they represent.

I am unable to attend the Arts Delegate Training Session on March 27, 2018. Can I still participate?

Yes. Although it is preferable that you attend the in-person training session to meet the other members of your delegation (and other delegations) and brainstorm the talking points specific to your district, Arts for LA can help connect you with the members of your delegating in advance of ArtsDay if you are absolutely unable to attend the training session.



This year, ArtsDay LA will feature a surprise performance for our City Councilmembers -- a Footloose Flash Mob! Choreographed and led by blue13 Dance Company, this dance will move from the City Hall Rotunda into the City Council Chambers. We are excited to include a participatory dance component to our annual day of advocacy, and would love to have Arts Delegates join in on the fun and help us use dance to communicate the joy and energy of the arts to our elected officials! Feel free to share this with others - our goal is to fill LA City Hall with dancers!


click here to learn the choreography!






Arts for LA’s Arts Delegate training is one of many opportunities to build a strong coalition of Arts Advocates across the State of California.

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