Arts for LA Open Letter

An Open Letter

To Policymakers and Grant Makers

As the COVID-19 crisis reshapes the reality of life in LA and communities across the world, Arts for LA understands that artists and cultural organizations have a key role to play in meeting the challenges of this moment. Our Creative Communities in Crisis Open Letter is calling for policymakers and grant makers to: 

  • Include artists and arts organizations in relief and recovery funds
  • Provide publicly-backed emergency grants and interest free loans to artists and nonprofit arts organizations
  • Create protections & provide immediate support for the contract workers that make up over half of Southern California’s creative sector
  • Pool relief funds for artists and arts organizations among philanthropic foundations
  • Relax grantee requirements/deliverables now unmeetable due to outbreak
  • Increase unrestricted, flexible funding by public and private grant makers to allow small & mid sized organizations to adapt to evolving situations.

Los Angeles is the creative capital of the world and Angelenos have always understood that the ability to create and experience art is a fundamental human need. The arts are not optional - they are vital to our economy and the wellbeing of our families. Throughout history, the arts have been essential to Los Angeles’s progress and resilience. Today, in the midst of an unprecedented crisis, our city’s artists are already on the frontlines - helping Angelenos unite, find beauty, and forge community. Do not leave us behind.

Over 750 arts advocates have added their name to an open letter asking policymakers and grant makers to provide emergency funding for artists.

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