Assemblage International Artist Call

Murze Mag


Our latest artist call is seeking artists that embrace the use of found objects in their work. Artwork entered to this open call should demonstrate the use found and reclaimed material, creating objects of beauty out of what could be considered junk.


[Assemblage. and Found. Objects. Assemblage is an artistic process in which a three-‐dimensional composition is made from putting together found objects. Assemblage, like collage, creates meaning through the association of juxtaposed objects.]


Artists may send in a portfolio of up to six images for consideration. Selected artists will be featured in issue seven, artists will be featured in various categories; half pages and full pages of artwork and text (including full crediting) and a selection of artists will be invited to participate in an interview about their work for a double page spread.  


Non refundable admission fee of £8

Deadlines for entry is the 15th July 2019

There are no other entry requirements, 

this competition is open to all.


submissions will be reviewed by the Murze team after the deadline on the 15th July, a selection of artists will be featured in the magazine. Selected artists will receive exposure both online and in Issue Seven. All work entered to this project will be featured in an online portfolio on our website after the launch of issue seven. 


To enter work, please head to my website -

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