Audio Technicians and Sound Designers

Rockwell Table and Stage

Los Feliz, CA


Rockwell Table and Stage, in Los Feliz, is seeking qualified Audio Technicians and Sound Designers for immediate hire to be added to our roster, for both Guest Artist and Main Stage performances. Rockwell is a Dinner Cabaret space with performances ranging from standard stage solo shows to 10 person musicals using Lavs.

Interested Applicants should email resume to [email protected] to arrange interview


Guest artist shows are scheduled throughout the week

Mainstage shows run thurs-sun


Pay :

$125 per show (no paid training)


Applicants must have the following:

Experience mixing wireless and wired handheld mics with live band in concert setting.

Experience mixing wireless body mics with live band in a theatrical setting.

Experience or willingness to learn operating ETC lighting board.

Ability to follow a script and adapt to performer ad libs and subtle changes.

Knowledge of Qlab.

Knowledge of Behringer x32.

Ability to work quickly and efficiently.

Ability to take direction and work as a team member.

Ability to lift and move equipment including satellite stages and baby grand piano.


Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

Power up audio system/lighting system.

Control house lights.

Load lighting base show cues.

Line check all microphones, replacing any broken elements as needed.

Signal check all speaker zones and monitors.

Setup mics, monitors, music stands, and stand lights for performance.

Run sound check for guest artists.

Attach and secure mic headsets and wireless body packs to cast members.

Coordinate with artists, stage management and house managers to start show.

Introduce guest artists upon request.

Operate Qlab and mix show on Behringer x32 while following script to ensure accurate placement of sound cues and microphone pickups.

Troubleshoot wireless microphone problems *during performance* and remedy ASAP.

Teardown and reset stage after performances as required.

Work with management to maintain equipment and ensure reorder of supplies.


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