Observations of an Artist: The Creative Economy is Beneficial for Everyone!

                A new support system developed for my pursuits in the arts after I obtained my bachelors.  The small businesses where I had frequented begun to allow me to publicly display and sell my paintings.  The amazing part was that my painting sold!  Local residents identified with t

Why Being "In the Solution" Matters

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa with Arts Advocates




Executive Director Danielle Brazell blogs on how providing a solution can be the most effective advocacy strategy.





Civic Engagement & Accountability




Abe Flores blogs on why civic engagement is essential (even if it's not always fun).







Arts Education: Foundation for My Future

Arts for LAAs an intern for Arts for LA, I would like to introduce myself and what better way than to tell my story through the impact of the arts!  As a visual artist and arts management graduate student, the arts have been central to my personal and professional development.  There have been three key points in my life that have affirmed my calling to arts advocacy.  Hope you enjoy the first of three blogs which are dedicated

Advocacy: Proactive, Reactive and Always Present

Advocates in Los Angeles City Hall



What can a network of 20,000 civically engaged people do to change the way the arts and arts education is valued, supported and made accessible to all in a county of 10 million? 




How Wirtz Elementary Got Its Murals

Advocacy Team (if applicable): 

Wirtz Elementary School Mural Project




How did an elementary school become a canvas for five contemporary artists without costing the district a penny? 

It took some creativity.

Story by Camille Schenkkan for Arts for LA



All Schools Should Be Great Schools

Advocacy Team (if applicable): 




Abe Flores blogs on the need for collaboration to achieve equitable, quality education.







LA's Draft Mural Ordinance

Tanner Blackman




Tanner Blackman on L.A.’s Draft Mural Ordinance

One of the ordinance's authors writes on why artists should support a time/place/manner approach to permitting murals and advocate for more.





Case Study: Front & Center in Culver City

Advocacy Team (if applicable): 

Juana Esquivel, Journalism Intern with Arts for LA




Juana Esquivel writes about how collaboration between schools and nonprofit organizations brings arts education to students in Culver City and Santa Monica-Malibu.