700 Letters in 30 Days

At the dawn of a new decade those of us who are working in arts and culture find ourselves in an interesting moment.  

The state fiscal crisis continues to impact cities and school districts throughout our region.  While our individual goals may be to maintain our own organizations' solvency, our collective goal must be to retain the critical infrastructure that has been built over the past ten years, especially in arts education.

In response to the news of LAUSD's proposal to cut 50% of the elementary arts teachers in FY 2011 and the remaining 50% the following year, yesterday Arts for LA launched a major advocacy effort to maintain elementary arts teachers in LAUSD, the 2nd largest school district in the country. 

Your active participation in this campaign is critical. Our initial goal is to generate 700 letters to the LAUSD School Board members in the next 30 days.  LAUSD has been the torchbearer for reinstating arts education in the country. Losing elementary arts teachers in addition to the arts community partners cut last year will effectively gut a program that has taken ten years to build. 

The other 80 Los Angeles County school districts, also facing huge deficits, will no doubt watch how LAUSD negotiates their financial affairs.  We must send a powerful message to the superintendent and school board that arts education is a critical component to every student's complete education and that cutting elementary arts teachers is not an option.

Will you join us? 

  •   Send a letter to your school board member (CAMPAIGN NOW CLOSED)
  • Forward the call to action out to your networks (Facebook, Twitter, email lists) and add it to your organization's monthly e-newsletter.
  • Adopt a board resolution (see sample)     
  • Join the LAUSD arts education advocacy team and get ready to be mobilized (get a log in).

Our strength lies in our numbers, in our ability to take collective action and our passion for the work we do to enrich the lives of everyone in Los Angeles County.



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A more productive approach

The state is broke. Again. If you care about the arts in the schools, you should try to fix the problem, not just complain about it. There are at least two non-partisan organizations that are working to stabilize our state's finances by reforming the structure of our state governance: California Forward (www.caforward.org) and Repair California (www.repaircalifornia.org). These organizations can succeed only by us becoming informed and involved. By encouraging protest letters to the school board and politicians, you squander the possibility of educating the public about the nature of the repeated budget shortfalls, and what we need to do to fix the system.

200 in two days!

Danielle Brazell - Executive Director - Arts for LA

Arts for LA: Fostering a healthy environment in which the arts and culture may thrive and be accessible to all in our region.

What is our count?

Do we have an update on how many letters have been sent for the LAUSD proposal?  This information would be useful for an upcoming proposal I'm sending.


We've plateaued but would love to keep going. We're at 760.

Camille Schenkkan

Constituent Manager, Arts for LA

[email protected]

68 Letters in 2-hours. 

68 Letters in 2-hours.  Awesome!

90 Letters in one day!

Can we do 700 in a week?