Arts in the CA Governor's Race: Like it & like doing it.

Tara Scroggings, Emerging Arts Leader


Tara Scroggins, Chair of Los Angeles' Arts in the California Governor's Race and Program Manager at Antioch University, guest blogs about the ACGR campaign.




Hopefully, you have already liked the Facebook page for Arts in the California Governor’s Race.  If you haven’t, do it now.  No really.  Click here, like it, do not check your home page, do not update your status (unless it’s promoting ACGR), and then come back to finish this article.  Great, thanks!
You may have just thought, “Stop being so pushy about it, already.  Who cares if I like it or not?  It’s just another Facebook page.”  I understand.  It’s like thinking that your singular vote in a presidential election doesn’t matter.  Statistically, you may have some ground to stand on, but I’m here to convince you of the not-so-statistical benefits of voicing your opinion. 
ACGR will probably reach 1,000 Facebook likes by the time you read this.  What does that mean? It means that ACGR went from inception to 1,000 quickly.  It means that 1,000 people:

  • have heard of this new ACGR campaign
  • agree that the gubernatorial candidates should include their stance on the arts in their platform
  • devoted a few seconds to clicking the like button
  • are willing to put their name and tiny picture on the list of supporters
  • are likely to support future campaigns for the inclusion of cultural policy statements in political platforms

That’s what it’s really about.  This is the beginning of a long-overdue effort to make mental and vocal connections between the arts world and the world of politics.  As scary as that may sound, I’m willing to bet that you have had plenty of conversations about how California and the U.S. are so far behind other  states and countries in recognizing the arts as an important part of citizenry and life.  It’s time to do something about it now.
Now is the time to tell your friends and colleagues about ACGR.  Now is the time to write to your governmental representation—at local and national levels—to tell them what you, their constituent, believe about the role of government in supporting the arts.
Your one vote, or one like, don’t have to be just one statistically unimpressive act.  It can be a catalyst for your friends, family, and colleagues if you share it.  You read this article because you care about the subject matter.   Find ten minutes to take action here:  You’ll be glad you did.
Tara Scroggins

Chair of LA’s ACGR Satellite Committee

now aiming for 2,000

Update: the ACGR facebook page surpassed 1,000 likes!  Thank you to those that helped, one like at a time!



2 Weeks to Go!

Watching the debate with you was fun.  We raised a couple hundred dollars to help fuel the effort and got to hang out.  A super way to be active.  How did the Westside party fair?