Home Stretch

Whew! Take a deep breath, advocates.

We're in the home stretch of "advocacy season," the period from January to June when County, city and school district budgets are debated, revised and passed. This year, there is no shortage of opportunities to get involved, from the Nonprofit Lease Subsidy issue to the ongoing Campaign for Arts Education in LAUSD. Our focus this year has been to retain cultural infrastructure: the programs, funding and resources currently in place.

The fruits of our collective efforts are paying off. Since January, over 9,300 advocates have taken action and voiced support of arts and arts education in the region alone! An additional 150 have provided public testimony and made calls to policymakers urging them to maintain support for arts and arts education in Los Angeles County. This collective action has successfully maintained arts coordinator positions in local school districts, grant funding in the City of Los Angeles and the beloved Los Angeles County Arts Internship Program.

In the coming months, Arts for LA will be upgrading our advocacy tools and bringing them to communities throughout the County. I look forward to continuing our work together to increase support for arts and culture throughout the Los Angeles region!