LAUSD ACPN Urgent Action Alert - Continue to Act


Arts Education

Despite several meetings with District officials, LAUSD has continued to include the Arts Community Partnership Network as part of the district-wide freeze. Arts for LA is urging stakeholders to continue advocating for the District to honor its commitment to its students and its community partners by release the ACPN contracts.

These contracts have been caught in the district-wide funding freeze since mid-December, which is having a devastating effect on arts organizations whose existing contracts are a critical component of their programmatic infrastructure. Arts for LA has learned that frozen contracts total just $1.4 million dollars - a drop in the bucket compared to the District's overall shortfall. Freezing these already approved contracts does not align with the District's hallmark commitment to arts education. LAUSD has invested in this nationally recognized arts education delivery system for nine years. Allowing it to fall apart for such a small amount is not prudent.

As we've just seen with the economic stimulus bill: Advocacy works. We must continue to write our letters, sign the petitions and communicate with our elected officials on a regular basis to let them know how important the arts and arts education is to our livelihood. Well-articulated letters that speak to the impact the freeze is having on you, your organization and the children served can make the difference at this moment.

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