Quick Facts on California Education: Why We Need a Yes-Yes Vote on Prop 30 and Prop 38

As a parent and an advocate for public education, I am urging you to vote Yes on 30 and Yes on 38 in this very important upcoming election.

Both propositions will direct billions of dollars to schools and make spending of those funds more accountable. They use different mechanisms for similar goals.

  • If they both receive over 50% of the votes, the proposition with the most votes becomes law.
  • We cannot split the vote on these two education initiatives. Splitting the vote will result on both failing.
  • We need everyone to vote for both in order for one to pass.

This is not only an important election in to our state, but our country, too. Over the past 30 years, public education funding has been disproportionately reduced. FACT: California educates 1 in 8 children in the United States (EdSource). If these education measures fail, we, the voters, are sending a message  we do not support public education. Therefore, our elected officials will be reluctant to make public education a priority again.

Here is a snapshot of how we currently rank compared to other states:

  • 1st in total population
  • 48th in teacher to student ratio
  • 45th in principal and asst. principal to student ratio
  • 50th in guidance counselor to student ratio
  • 51st in librarian to student ratio

 Another telling statistic is the length of the school year in the U.S and abroad:

  • 180 days – U.S. average
  • 196 days – Countries around the world with high student achievement
  • 175 days – Current California minimum
  • 160 days – New minimum allowed if Prop 30 fails

After spending the past three weeks on an Education Speaking tour with LAUSD’s Chief Financial Officer, Megan Reilly, I can confirm that if these Propositions do not pass, LAUSD schools will get out for the summer on May 1st. Yes—school will end on May 1st!

Need some more information?
Educate Our State FAQ
Infographic Comparing the Propositions (EdSource)

I urge you to get out and vote Yes on 30 and Yes on 38

It will take all of us standing up and fighting for public education for change to happen.

Photo: Teri LevyTeri Levy is a native of South Africa and spent much of her youth there before her family moved to the US to start a new life without apartheid.  She is the mother of four daughters and a founding leader of Educate Our State. Teri is a public school parent, was President of the PTA at her children’s school, and is responsible for the “Say No to Cuts” Campaign, which produced the successful public service announcement (PSA) video “Hot For Teachers,” which went viral on the Internet.  As Director of Communications and Marketing, Teri is responsible for coordinating and overseeing public relations and all social media avenues—Facebook, Twitter, blog and PSAs. She has BA from the University of Southern California.