Report Out! Bergamot Station on Bergamot Station

Bergamot Station Report-Out


The advocacy campaign voicing support for Bergamot Station and the Expo Line Phase 2 campaign garnered an astounding 947 letters from stakeholders throughout the region (including some from as far away as NYC and Philly). The volume of letters and tenor of the campaign certainly got the attention of the Expo Line Phase 2 Board of Directors, Santa Monica City Council as well as local media. Two weeks into the three-week campaign, LA County Supervisor and Phase 2 board member Zev Yaroslavky began responding to letters, reassuring stakeholders that Bergamot has not been formally considered for the maintenance yard site:

"There is no proposal of which I am aware that involves razing Bergamot Station. Any report along those lines is totally erroneous. I serve as a member of the Expo Light Rail Authority, and I have never heard of such a proposal. Indeed, the Draft Environmental Report does not recommend use of this site."

Additionally, City of Santa Monica Councilman Kevin McKeon sent an open letter to the arts community expressing his gratitude for the groundswell of support around this important issue and affirming that the future of Bergamot Station is indeed safe.

The goal of this campaign was to foster broad-base support for both Bergamot Station and the Expo Line Phase 2 before crisis occurred. This due diligence helped to head any crisis off at the pass. Our Santa Monica partners did the heavy lifting by tapping into existing networks, sharing critical information and providing valuable input on strategy and messaging. Since Bergamot Station was not included as a potential site for the maintenance yard, it was not included in the environmental impact report. However, had we sat silent, it is quite possible that another study with Bergamot as a potential site for the maintenance yard would have been conducted and then our campaign would not have the option to be offensive.

To those who sent letters, faxes and email messages: Your voice truly did make a difference on this issue. In keeping with advocacy best practices, Arts for LA has initiated a thank-you letter campaign to the Expo Phase 2 board and staff thanking them for holding the public comment process in such high regard.

Red Square of Advocacy Please take two minutes and send a thank-you note using Actions 2.0. It's a quick and easy way to show your appreciation and reinforce the direction of this important project.

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Photo from Frank Pictures Gallery at Bergamot Station.