An Unprecedented Opportunity for California Education

A Shift

Calling all education advocates! California is about to undergo a monumental shift in the way our state funds our public schools. It is a win-win solution for every student attending public school in our state. But your voice is needed to ensure your student receives the benefits of this new formula. 

Last year, Governor Brown passed the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF). Under this new policy, school districts across the state will be budgeted on a per-pupil model instead of funding by broad categories. The calculations of the new formula seek to level the playing field for California’s most vulnerable students by looking at the overall student population and awarding funding based on the needs of each individual student. The model will particularly assist high need students like foster youth, English language learners, and economically disadvantaged students, who will receive a supplemental amount of funding per pupil. Additionally, if a school has over a certain percentage of high need students, it will receive a “concentration grant” to further meet the needs of its student population.  

In an education landscape continuously facing issues of equity, this policy attempts to level the playing field and empower districts with the flexibility to provide programs that best serve their student population. 

Along with the change in funding formula, school districts are required to adopt a Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP). The LCAP is like a local roadmap that will show how districts will address the eight statewide priority areas with the input of the community. Districts must identify and show how they are engaging a wide variety of constituents to advise the creation of goals and the adoption of the plan. Public forums and parent advisory committees will confer in an effort to improve district accountability and meaningful community engagement. 

The Role of Arts Education

Photo: LCFF Priority ChartThere is tremendous opportunity for those invested in arts education to respond to this major shift in policy. As this policy unfolds, we want to ensure that all students receive access to a complete education that includes the arts. The starting point for engagement is the Local Control and Accountability Plan. Although the eight priorities are determined by the state, the individual action goals within those eight priority areas are up to the discretion of each district. Arts education is a powerful tool to achieve goals all eight priority areas. A complete education that includes the arts trains our students to enter the 21st century workforce, which requires creative critical thinkers. The arts should have a seat at the table and be a strong voice in the conversation.

Recent research from the National Endowment for the Arts shows that at-risk and low-income students with a high level of arts engagement from kindergarten through sixth grade have higher test scores in writing and science by their 8th grade year.1  The same NEA study found students living in poverty are more likely to graduate, vote, and attend college if they have access to the arts as part of a complete education2.  And Americans for the Arts research shows having access to arts education reduces the drop out rate for at-risk students from 1 in 4 (25%) to 1 in 25 (4%)3

The time to take action is now! Advocates and educators can participate in the conversation in a variety of ways. See some ideas below:

  1. Visit our LCFF resource page and learn more about the opportunity for arts education in this new policy.
  2. Participate in one of our upcoming workshops in February to learn more about LCFF, arts advocacy and giving public comment. 
  3. Contact your district to learn how they are approaching LCFF and the LCAP process—every district is unique.
  4. Schedule a time to present to your Board of Education how an investment in arts education is a critical part of a complete education for all students. The California Alliance for Arts Education has great resources you can download and take with you.
  5. Provide public comment to your LCAP Parent Advisory Committee about the benefits of a complete education that includes the arts.
  6. Join your LCAP Parent Advisory Committee or, if one exists, the English Learner Subcommittee of the Parent Advisory Committee to ensure arts education is considered as a district strategy within LCFF.
  7. Join the Arts Education Advocacy Team in your district  to work with other parents and community members on this issue.  If none exists, contact us about starting one.
  8. Become a free supporter of Arts for LA to stay up to date  with news, action alerts, briefs, and other opportunities for participation.

There is a timely opportunity now for parents, community members, and educators to step into the conversation and continue to advocate for increased access to a complete education that includes the arts. While the Local Control Funding Formula and the Local Control Accountability Plan are opportunities to increase education equity and bolster community engagement, the outcomes will be up to those of us who participate the process. 




1 Catterall et al.  “The Arts and Achievement in At-Risk Youth: Findings from Four Longitudinal Studies.  Washington: National Endowment for the Arts, March 2012.

3Arts Education Navigator: Facts and Figures.  Kristen Engebretsen, Editor.  Washington: Americans for the Arts, 2013.

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bridesmaid dresses,Vivienne Westwood UK,FamilySearch indexing,could be the at best of the best significant an all in one partial solution to learn more about going to be the challenge having to do with making searchable records available everywhere over the a multi functional timely fashion Yes YesIn the majority of folks instances, FamilySearch digitizes and publishes going to be the images, and going to be the partner pays a multi functional commercial corporation to index the recordsI am also under a going to be the understanding that a number of us as non members of LDS cannot just do it to explore going to be the temple for more information about add our tree, that for additional details on me understandableafter having experience asTechnical aid concerning worlwide newfamily search (missionary)Worker Temple Los Angeles (5) and at this moment Mount Timpanogos (7 very many years again ask, beg, beseech, creating and establishing a training manual or otherwise income data as well as 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As black comedies go,air jordan shop, Pointe Blank is style of gray. Martin,buy jordan shoes, who going back to his hometown (then the film is titled) to review a prospective job, figures he might stop by on his 10th secondary school reunion, and maybe even engineer an assignation with Debi (Minnie Driver), her he stood on prom night lo these years ago. He returns to his family home, only to find it been replaced by convenient store. He visits his mother,michael kors purse sale, who been put in an establishment,louis vuitton shoes outlet, and furthermore,max air, as she so from it, she doesn recognize him and in actual fact comes onto him. But these are least of Martin problems: Young drivers . being pursued by hit men himself, and it turns out that this guy he been sent to kill is someone he prefer to keep alive.


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On the technical charts,buy jordan shoes, the scrip appears strong and is also near giving an upward breakout within the weekly charts. The mechanical indicators support the move,michael kors mk8077, while an every week close over a supply line would mean the begin medium difficulty uptrend from the levels. 9. Assam Company Assam Company had posted handsome gains in earlier months on the technical charts,hollister swimwear, with an explosive rise to peak for an intraweek a lot of Rs.


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Dior , Chanel, Versace, Georgio Armani, Todd Oldham and Ann Klein. She gets graced the covers and pages of Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Elle, Top Model, Allure, Playboy (being an article) and Cosmopolitan magazines, and represented such advertisers just like Hanes, Rayban,air jordan 7, Samsung,air jordan shop, Clairol,hollister swimwear, Maybelline,michael kors gold watch men, The Gap and Esprit. Also, this wounderful woman has hosted shows for your Fox Network's Fox Style News, Lifetime Television's The Wire, City TV in Toronto's Ooh La La,max air, and E! Entertainment Television's The development of a Supermodel..


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10. Mukand Engineers Mukand Engineers Ltd. has knowledge every area of engineering construction including feasibility studies, planning and construction of projects. This stock is apparently over a corrective phase for the technical charts. Typically the scrip is near giving a downward bar reversal on the weekly chart,nike air maxes, with a symmetrical triangle formation to the weekly chart along with the mechanical indicators reflecting weakness, one more decline on the market levels may seem like just a formality.Anyway I waited in excess of 30 minutes while there are several missed calls on my small cellular telephone, which as a practice I continue silent mode when I am with someone. Thus i would not answer it. After about 40 minutes The trainer told us mantriji had "arrived". Whenever i was ushered within his room, he explained He or she been waiting around for nearly 1 hour. There wasn't any point telling him which i was at the surrounding close to his inside clueless set up. As they are typical particularly Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, he was flanked by cronies: thankfully not six but only three.

I drifted off. I feel we both did. We then wandered back,max air, within our robes, for the privacy of your villa for that liedown on that vast bed. Later, following a dinner of shrimp and taco root cake which has a passionfruit and coconut sauce,buy jordan shoes, we see ourselves in the bar. Here, we pay attention to a guitarist play acoustic versions of Cyndi Lauper songs even as we sip strawberry mojitos made out of cracked pepper,polo ralph, lemon and mint,air max nike shoes, and rock in a exquisitely carved Indonesian love swing. It's an ideal place by which to understand the sunsets, we're told, but we've arrived too far gone for your. We should be satisfied night's blackandwhite alternative: spotlit palms, an inky black sea and also a halfmoon.


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Volcom Men's Frickin Stripe Chino Short91. : ,max air, 1 1/2" (40mm) Snap On StitchingEdged Genuine Leather Belt44. : ,air jordan shop, New VL Polarized Stealth Black Replacement Lenses for the48. So,polo ralph, he didn't deliver wearing his leather chaps or covered in tattoos Stacee Jaxxstyle,air jordan 7, but Tom Cruise DID show up wearing a jacket manufactured by Katie Holmes to be with her label Holmes and Yang (aw! dispelling any rumours of them splitting up, perhaps?) and wearing Top Gunesque Rayban Aviators. While Grazia HQ waited within the red carpet at Leicester Square a week ago capture a look at most of the outfits,louis vuitton full site, Tom Cruise was the first to arrive spending when using 2 hours conversing with fans. Bless..


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Fortunately . If you think maybe that designer dresses will be to highpriced and beyond our attain well then,air jordan shop, your in . Teens prefer to craft their globe. Below 3500 lumens of brightness,macy michael kors watches, our eye feel comfortable. When direct light or reflected light brightness reaches 4000 lumens,michael kors gold watch men, a persons eye receives light slowly became difficult. After we tried challenging see these very bright area,louis vuitton zippy coin purse, to view the white flash,hollister store, it is the glare.