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Bergamont Station

On March 27th, the Exposition Construction Authority and MTA might consider razing Bergamot Station in order to house a maintenance facility for their cars when light rail comes to the West Side.

The Exposition Rail Line will bring much needed light rail from Culver City to Santa Monica.

While we are in favor of the completion of Phase 2 of the Exposition Rail Line, it is imperative that both the Exposition Construction Authority, the MTA and the City of Santa Monica understand how important Bergamot Station is to the cultural life of Los Angeles.

Take Action by sending a message by March 25th to the Exposition Construction Authority Planning Committee that the Expo Rail should not be placed at, Bergamont Station, or the surrounding vicinity.


I have to say I am a great

I have to say I am a great fan of light rail from cities from all around the world. All types of mass transit systems contribute in the reduction of green house gas emissions. But at the same time, I hope that all is well with the Bergamot Station.

Danielle Brazell -

Danielle Brazell - Executive Director - Arts for LA

Arts for LA: Fostering a healthy environment in which the arts and culture may thrive and be accessible to all in our region.

Stop the change to Bergamont

Stop the change to Bergamont Station!

Save Bergamot

Thank you for sending in letters and spreading the word to help protect Bergamot Station.

This mobilization has been incredible and full of impact. If anyone were to consider Bergamot Station to be a possible site for a Light Rail maintenance yard, they will think twice thanks to your support.

Many of you have received a reply from our County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavky and I would like to try to clarify any confusion and alleviate any feelings that there might have been a miscommunication. I believe he is responding with a message of reassurance. What we have done is not an antagonistic action.

We are taking part in the public comment process by politely saying, in essence, "don't even think about it" when it comes to Bergamot. Mr. Yaroslavsky is a terrific advocate for the arts and this is in no way a movement of disrespect toward anyone by writing these letters. We are voicing our concern in a "pre-crisis" period.

In fact, if you have the time, you can simply write back to Mr. Yaroslavsky thanking him for his information and his reassurance that the MTA will do the right thing.

Bergamot is on the table and it has been reported in the press (see links) and through our sources here in Santa Monica and Los Angeles. Article in today’s LA Times: http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-bergamot26-2009mar26,0,4801370.story Article in the Santa Monica Daily Press: http://www.smdp.com/Articles-c-2009-03-09-50584.113116_From_one_destiny_to_another.html

Indeed, the draft of the Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) does not state anything regarding Bergamot to be turned into a maintenance yard. Currently, the draft report proposes to place the facility in a site nearby (aka the Verizon site). That site is now being reconsidered because of its close proximity to residents so Bergamot Station is back in the conversation as a possibility. Hence, we are strongly suggesting that they consider other options early in the game.

I’ve learned a lot in this process and hopefully you have, too! Thanks, again.


ps: Please consider joining our Facebook group: Save Bergamot Station Arts Center. As of today, over 500 strong!

Bergamot Station

Perhaps it has not occurred to the ECA that destroying a valuable cultural resource is not in anybody's best interest. The Bergamot Station has long been important to the cultural life of Santa Monica and should remain so. Perhaps we should be publicizing the names of those who are making these decisions so that we can contact them directly or at least let the public know who is responsible for these decisions.

Bergamot Station

Bergamot Station is central to the cultural life of the Westside of L.A. It is outrageous to consider razing it. How long before civic institutions realize that the arts make for a thriving community where people are active and engaged? Bergamot should be a stop along the route of the new light rail, not fall victim to it.

Importance of Art in creating a more conscious world

I am all in favor of the light rail. Yet at the same time, the importance of Bergamot Station is even more critical. It is a culture that looks at efficiency and monetary profit only as its highest standard, which has gotten us into the current state of failing economy and environmental health. We must, as a culture, begin to understand and honor that which is intangible and non-linear; i.e. the expression and experience of consciousness opening to a wider vista of possibility and imagination. Without it, we as a species will fail to understand the interconnectedness of all life, and thinking ourselves to be apart, create our own demise. ART and science must weave together. It is the left and the right brain communicating. It is vital that an Art space like Bergamot Station be revered as much as a center of advanced science, for the well-being of our community, and for the well-being of our continued participation on this abundant earth. Instead of an either/or proposition, perhaps there is a way that makes the existence Bergamot Station, and housing the necessities of the light rail system not antagonistic, but mutually enhancing. I believe it is important to start thinking in creative ways that comes from a place of an abundant universe, instead of the model which we have been with; i.e. a place of lack wherein one wins and everything else loses.

razing Bergamot Station

I support the continuance of Bergamot Station. Find another location to park vehicles!

Save Bergamot Station!

Exposition Construction Authority Planning Committee, On March 27th, when you consider razing Bergamot Station in order to house a maintenance facility, please consider the following: While I am in favor of the completion of Phase 2 of the Exposition Rail Line, it is imperative that both the Exposition Construction Authority, the MTA and the City of Santa Monica understand how important Bergamot Station is to the cultural life of Los Angeles. Please vote against the Expo Rail being placed at Bergamont Station, or the surrounding vicinity. I am an artist and arts educator, and the galleries and Museum at Bergamot Station are vital to the arts in Santa Monica as well as to the larger Los Angeles Arts Community. Thank you for your time. Gabrielle Jennings

To Clarify

Thanks for voicing your support of Bergamot Station. The good news is, the project is currently in the Public Comment phase and the idea to use Bergamot is not in the environmental impact report. The response to this advocacy effort has been incredibly positive, over 300 letters have been generated. The community has done an incredible job at voicing the value of Bergamot Station! Stay tuned. More updates as new information arises.

Danielle Brazell - Executive Director - Arts for LA

Why Bergamot Station Matters more than a Rail Line

All this gives occasion to remind us all just how difficult and demanding a task it always was to create in LA an urban space devoted distinctively to CULTURE and to pedestrians. A place where the anyone can go for an hour of so and see unfamiliar things, strange things interesting, beautiful, compelling OR, conversely, ugly and preposterous things...no less unfamiliar. Bergamot Station has been for decades a place where one could go to see art, to discuss, to quarrel about art; thus, a place where people share thoughts, perceptions and feelings. Now, one could argue that museums can fulfill these general "urbane" necessities, yet anyone who has lived this city and its art as an everyday practice (or weekly, or monthly...) knows that museums are charged with a very different kind of energy. Places like Bergamot station, of China Towns, or the La Brea Complex are among the commercial/cultural knots of the sprawling LA artworld, and while they have helped place this gloriously heretical city on the cultural world map. Now, a rail line would be an unquestionably indispensable addition to the sprawling urban fabric of this city. But could we for once think and do two things at once? Do we always have to bulldoze the sites of memory, where history is lived, day by day, for the sake of a "new" presumably improved version of who we are? Can we not think at once in terms of renovation and "care", or are these terms mutually exclusive? And if so..in whose interest are we allowing this endemic cultural erasure to take its course? Thank you for reading... Denise Spampinato

Bergamot Station

, What an unfortunate idea to raze Bergamot Station, one of the most unique art centers in the metropolitan area, a center that encourages the arts and provides a venue for new work to be seen almost every day of the week. Bergamot Station makes it convenient for all kinds of contemporary art to be seen. It is an art oaisis among wheels, metal and glass, a respite for the nerves that are over- stressed, a place in the heart of the matter where one can meet friends to share ideas inspired by the galleries and their artists. If we can think of it as a garden for the arts, how can we think of cutting the very stalk that grows the flowers. If this is an example of our priorites, Santa Monica runs the risk of losing its spirit. it is inconsistent with what we believe in as people who appreciate the power of the imagination and its creators. There are other places, but we can't afford to lose one little bit of our art venues. Can this reallly happen. Hopefully we will see the truth of the matter before it is too late. I am writing this from the Yucatan,Mx. and can do nothing but voice my opinion against this concept and hope that another solution can be found to solve this problem. returning home soon, Patricia Terrell-O'Neal

Do not route the Expo Rail through Bergamot Station

Dear Sir or Ma'am, Bergamot Station is an extremely important Los Angeles cultural center. To destroy it would be a great, great loss. Please, for the well being of this city and its metropolitan area, leave Bergamot Station standing. Thank you, Tamara Sussman

Bergamot Station

The idea that you would even consider wiping out an entire arts exhibition community is utterly ludicrous and unacceptable. Bergamot is central to the cultural life of Los Angeles, and a major gathering place for the exchange of ideas. And you want to replace it with a maintenance center! What is wrong with you people. Have you no respect for the value of art, culture, education? This would be a terrible loss to the community as a whole, not only to artists, critics, curators, students, educators, but all viewers who visit this essential cultural center. Such destruction, ignorance and stupidity cannot and will not be permitted, even if a thousand people have to stand up and face the bulldozers! It would be a disgrace to the City of Santa Monica that will make the national news. It is an outrage.