Guest blog: Talia Gibas of Arts for All on Shared Delivery & Arts Education [excerpt]

This blog was originally published by Createquity and is excerpted with permission.  Read the entire post at Createquity.

Shared delivery does not reflect what I or, based on anecdotal evidence, the majority of people within my age bracket received in terms of arts education. My fifth grade generalist teacher was a woman named Mrs. Gonzalez. I saw her every day, and she... Read more

Guest blog: Barry Hessenius on Arts, Culture, & the Virtue of Good Transportation

The following post originally appeared at Barry's Blog, a service of the Western States Arts Federation:

I live just north of San Francisco, about 40 minutes from the city. Like many major metropolitan areas, traffic in the Bay Area is a problem - and not just during peak commute hours.  It is a growing hassle to go to the city for any purpose - the traffic is exhausting and parking is a hassle; there is the cost of gasoline, bridge tolls... Read more

Quick Facts on California Education: Why We Need a Yes-Yes Vote on Prop 30 and Prop 38

As a parent and an advocate for public education, I am urging you to vote Yes on 30 and Yes on 38 in this very important upcoming election.

Both propositions will direct billions of dollars to schools and make spending of those funds more accountable. They use different mechanisms for similar goals.

"Yes-Yes" for Education: It's a Mess, But Don't Punish Kids

Photo: empty school desksA majority of Californians support increased investment in public education, yet both statewide initiatives that would bring more money to public schools lag in the polls. How did California get in this mess? Earlier this year, at least three different political, ideological and educational “interests” were mobilizing... Read more

All Politics Is Local: the Importance of School Board Elections

Photo: Campaign Survey ProjectAround this time of year, when the airwaves are filled with ads for ballot measures, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and a little cynical. And yet there are local elections underway, like those for school board that will have an important impact on our kids, schools and community.

In recent years, our schools have... Read more