BuoyRR Residency & Retreat 2018


Deep River, CT


BuoyRR Residency & Retreat 2018 ~ July 8 through 14 ~ Deep River, CT

BuoyRR is an annual movement residency and retreat for women founded by Viva Soudan and Bailey Nolan. Women is defined as an identity beyond a gender binary including trans and female-identified people. All are welcome to apply. Structured as an intensive, residents develop site-specific choreography over fifteen acres of natural landscape. This year's site-specific piece is entitled How'd Birdie Get To Where We've Gone? Material and critical inquiry will be generated around the theme of impermanence. Alongside the BuoyRR team, residents will create a site-dance film portrayed through a surrealist lens. This social experiment aims to unify artistic agency with collective consciousness.



Applications due May 7, visit www.buoyrr.org for more information and online application - there is no fee to apply.

Open to individual movement artists, no extensive dance or performance experience necessary, simply a body.

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