California Arts Council Executive Director

California Arts Council

Sacramento, CA

You are invited to review and respond to this Request for Proposal (RFP), entitled RFP #2016-001, California Arts Council Public Art Consultant.  In submitting your proposal, you must comply with these instructions. 

Note that all agreements entered into with the State of California will include by reference General Terms and Conditions, and Contractor Certification Clauses that may be viewed and downloaded at Internet site If you do not have Internet access, a hard copy can be provided by contacting the person listed below.  The Disabled Veterans Business Enterprise Participation does not apply to this bid.

In the opinion of the California Arts Council (CAC), this RFP is complete and without need of explanation.  However, if you have questions, or should you need any clarifying information, the contact person for this RFP is:

Please note that no verbal information given will be binding upon the State unless such information is issued in writing as an official addendum. 

Caitlin Fitzwater
Director of Public Affairs
[email protected]

 Submission deadline: April 10, 2017

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