Call for Art: HER

Black Umbrella Art Gallery  

Garden Grove, CA

HER is a collaborative exhibition of women artists from the Southern California area examining the tensions and realities of the female narrative from an exclusively female point of view. Throughout history, the feminine experience has largely been explained and expressed through male perspectives and male sensibilities; this exhibit seeks to give voice to the experiences of what it is to be female from those who live life everyday as female-identifying individuals, and to create space for open conversation through diverse forms of creative expression.

We’re looking for fresh, current, and diverse work by emerging and established female artists working in Southern California who are exploring the intricacies and complexities of being a female.

HER will open at Black Umbrella Art Gallery in Garden Grove, CA. Opening reception is Friday, February 1, 2019 opening at 7pm.

  • Email entries to [email protected] (up to 5 works per artist)
  • Subject line: HER Call for Art Submission​
  • Each entry must include the artist's name, email, phone, city, and portfolio link​​
  • Rename files as follows: first name_last name_HER_001.jpg (e.g., christine_smith_HER_001.jpg)
  • Entry images (up to 5) must be submitted at 72 DPI, with a 1200px long side
  • Each entry must include the work(s): title, total size, image size, and price

Due date: 11/1

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