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Black Light

Otis Graduate Studios


“Afrofuturism stretches the imagination far beyond the conventions of our time and the horizons of expectation, and kicks the box of normalcy and preconceived ideas of blackness out of the solar system.” --Ytasha Womack

Black Light is dedicated to the exploration of afrofuturism, a distinct mode of representation which reimagines a multiplicity of future identities for black individuals and communities in order to critically engage contemporary issues. 

By decolonizing collective memory and history through art, afrofuturism provides a manner of escaping systemic normalcy (or, what bell hooks refers to as the “imperialist white-supremacist capitalist patriarchy,”) which inform commonly held beliefs such as  “racism declines as time passes.”

Black Light is seeking artists whose work challenges conventional ways of viewing history, the present, and the future. 

This exhibition is curated by Otis MFA students Lorenzo Baker & Belle DuVall.

“How else can this daughter of Afro-suburbia (blind to her circumstances. Faithful to herself image as an a historical non-entity…a black hole, if you will) reclaim her presence but by filling that space with a history worth of fictions?” -- Kara Walker 

Deadline for submissions is January 1st, 2018.

This Exhibition will be held at Otis Graduate Studios

January 12--20, 2018 



Submission Guidelines:

10 image max

Please attach work as JPEG, PNG, or PDF files

Performance pieces can be submitted as video and/or written description.

(provide link or send as an .mp4 attachment)

All non-visual artwork, including but not limited to writings and music, are welcomed. 

Please include a brief statement on your work as it relates to the framework of the exhibition.

*When submitting work, please remember to include dimensions and display needs.

All Artwork can be submitted to [email protected]

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