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Daza Filmes 

Los Angeles, CA/ NewYork, NY/ Rio de Janeiro, Brasil



Los Angeles, CA/ New York, NY / Rio de Janeiro, Brasil


Shooting in preparation: Announcing CALL FOR ARTISTS to female artists 

About the Thousand Women Movie Project

DAZA Filmes, film production agency based in Rio de Janeiro along with the Brazilian Director Rita Toldeo, based in Los Angeles will select three women with feminist-inspired artwork of any origin and nationality, capable of producing a work of art from an interaction with stories of other women. These artists will be part of a feature documentary that will be filmed in 2017 in the cities of Rio de Janeiro, Los Angeles and/or New York. 


DAZA Filmes has no specific predetermined expectation for type, style or media of work to be considered or selected. (It could be visual arts, plastic arts, vídeos, photography, scenography, dance, circus, performance, etc). The only criterion is that the work has to be powerful, innovative, with a feminist scope and inspired from one of the six stories Daza Filmes transmits.

Submissions can range from the most traditional to the most conceptual or experimental project.


Thousand Women is open to all women artists from any origin and nationality based in the Los Angeles, NYC area and the Rio de Janeiro area. All entries must represent original works of art.


> Applications are accepted from the August 9th to September 4th, 11.59pm (Rio de Janeiro time) 

> The three selected artists will be revealed during the third week of september, contacted by email.

> The shooting period will run between beginning of October 2017 and end of November 2017 and will operate in a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 10 working days for each artist.


There is no entry fee. Each selected artists will receive a grant (US$ 5.000 for the ones based in the US, R$15,000 for ones based in Rio) to lead their art project, spacework, prime material and workforce included.



You can get to our Official Guidelines, the stories and application form through this link : 

For more information : [email protected]

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