Call for Artists: El Segundo Art Walk

El Segundo Art Walk

El Segundo, CA


Founded in 2015, The El Segundo Art Walk is a free, independently organized art event in the town of El Segundo, California, taking place on the third Thursday evenings of the summer months of 2019 (June 20th, July 18th and August 15th) Located in Downtown El Segundo as well as Smoky Hollow, an up-in-coming industrial and creative hub, the event features 35 venues that transform into pop-up galleries, allowing Los Angeles-based artists to showcase their work. The event also features food trucks, live music, and a beer garden.  El Segundo Art Walk has garnered significant popularity with over 2,300 followers on Instagram, 2,400 likes on Facebook, and publicity from places like Beach Reporter, DoLA, South Bay Magazine, and ES Herald.



One of Los Angeles’ best kept secrets, El Segundo is a quaint beachside town on the north tip of the South Bay. Being only 2 square miles, what this city lacks in square footage, it makes up for in its artistic culture. Art galleries, photography studios, production houses, even a custom motorcycle/music venue are just a few of the small businesses that make up downtown and the Smokey Hollow district of El Segundo.



To improve the local community, inspire culture and create economic opportunities for artists, galleries, and businesses in El Segundo.



Are you a Los Angeles-based artist that wants to show your work at ESAW?

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  • Artists can apply to one, two or all three nights of the El Segundo Art Walk.

  • Artists will only be asked to submit payment after they’re been accepted. Payment will be due in 10 days after requested.

  • Students are $25 per night, and we’ll make special considerations for certain artists (performance, musicians, etc)

  • Artists that are not students are $50 per night.


  • The El Segundo Art Walk is open to the following types of art: Painting, Drawing, Printing, Sculpture, Dance, Video, Photography, Audio, Performance.

  • The El Segundo Art Walk is a family friendly event. Art with vulgar or lewd content is not permitted. Violators will be expelled from the event and not allowed to participate in future El Segundo Art Walks.

  • Artwork should be displayed in as tasteful a manner as possible.

  • The artist or an artist representative approved by the ESAW committee is responsible for being present through the duration of the Art Walk.  All transactions will take place directly between the artist and the customer. No money exchange is to happen between the venue and artist.

  • Artists are expected to behave in a professional manner. All violators will be expelled from the event and not allowed to participate in future Art Walks.




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