Call for Artists: One-act Play

The Naked Model

Los Angeles, CA

Interested applicants should contact:Denise Acosta at[email protected]. There are no audition or rehearsal times yet, but auditions will certainly be in August and most likely at the location of the event (Art Share LA). The performance isSeptember 8, 2018.

DISCLAIMER: This Play will be part of a NUDE ART LA event and all participants will need to be comfortable with nudity. NAKED NEWS will be at the event filming.


Ms. White
Young Woman
Young Man
Tall Orderly
Short Orderly

Synopsis: Based on a true story about a model, who arrives at a college drawing class without his clothes, “The Naked Model”, a one act, explores the modern debate over art versus pornographer. No wonder it was chosen to be performed at the popular Stand Up New York. A philosophical romp chalk full of physical comedy and intellectual banter, this potent one act play is certain to tickle the funny bone and tease the brain, while serving as an ode to artists everywhere, who are interested in questioning the boundaries of convention, perspective, morality, and artistic freedom.

Setting: A Drawing Class where three students sit behind easels, waiting for the arrival of the class MODEL.

Character Breakdown:

THE PROFESSOR: An elderly, bald man wearing denim overalls. He is quirky, loud, and a know it all.
MS. WHITE: An elderly woman wearing a long white dress. She’s traditional and dramatic.
YOUNG WOMAN: dressed in a red half shirt with red pants. She’s funky and artistic.
YOUNG MAN: dressed in a blue shirt and blue pants. He’s a bit of a nerd, and proper.
MODEL: He’s a mental case. Selfish, rude, and yet smart. (must be comfortable with being nude)
TRUTH: an image of someone’s imagination.
TALL ORDERLY: authoritative and strong.
SHORT ORDERLY: authoritative with an artistic side.

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