Call for Artists: Political art

Murze Mag


We are encouraging artists to respond to to the current socio-political environment of today. We are interested in artists creating responsive, challenging work that addresses cultural power structures, social challenges and environmental issues.


The current political landscape seems rife with uncertainty, unpredictability and a certain amount of fragility. From ‘strong and stable’ and ‘brexit means brexit’  to ‘we will make america great again’ and ‘its fake news’ nonsensical unstable political sound bites seems to be what is keeping the political elite trudging forwards. Corruption and climate change denial is dominating current politics, we are looking for artists that challenge the socio-political climate that has formed in the wake of the brexit referendum, the Trump election and of course broader global political concern.


  • Images submitted must be at least 300 DPI

  • Non-refundable submission fee of £8

  • Deadlines for entry is the 30th January 2019

  • There are no other entry requirements, this submission is open to all.


Selected entries will be featured in issue four, however all work entered to this project will be featured in an online gallery on our website, after the launch of issue four.


For more information and to enter head to our website

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