Call for Artists - Proposals for a Donor Recognition Project

Glendale Arts

Glendale, CA 

Glendale Arts, a nonprofit organization, is in need of a Donor Recognition Piece and is accepting proposals in response to this Request for Proposal in order to find a qualified source to provide a Donor Recognition Piece. Our goal with a Donor Recognition Piece is to:

1. Kickstart a major fundraising campaign.

2. Honor donors who have contributed to Glendale Arts and the Alex Theatre.

3. Artistically enhance the forecourt of the Alex Theatre and pay homage to the Alex Theatre's culture and history.

4. Encourage new donors to contribute to Glendale Arts and the Alex Theatre.

The objective of this Request for Proposal is to locate a source that will provide the best overall value to Glendale Arts. While price is a significant factor, other criteria will form the basis of our award decision, as more fully described in the Evaluation Factors section of this Request for Proposal below.

The mission of Glendale Arts is to integrate the arts into the identity, growth and economic vitality of the City of Glendale by presenting programming and creating partnerships that benefit youth, patrons, artists, organizations and businesses in the community and at the Alex Theatre.

Glendale Arts believes that a great city is defined by its arts. We envision a supportive environment that encourages and values all artistic disciplines, and believe that the arts are an essential ingredient for a vibrant, creative, and economically healthy community. Additional information is also available at and

Submission Guidelines & Requirements 

The following submission guidelines & requirements apply to this Request for Proposal:

1. Artists intent on submitting a proposal should so notify Nina Crowe ([email protected]) no later than 8/16/2016.

2. Artists must list at least 3 projects that are substantially similar to this project as part of their response, including references for each. Please include up to 10 digital images of previous work with a description for each work submitted on a flash drive, separate files, or a powerpoint presentation.

3. A letter of interest briefly describing experience with commissioned art work, and why your work and experience is a good fit for this project (not to exceed 500 words).

4. Artists must include a resume/CV listing relevant experience and contact information.

5. A visual proposal must be provided. This visual proposal must provide an overview of the proposed concept and can include sketches, written description, references/images to previous work, or any samples/visual aides you choose to provide. In addition, the concept should include a timeline and milestones for the project.

6. A budget proposal must be provided. This budget proposal should indicate an estimated cost and can include options to reduce or add to cost.

7. If you have a standard set of terms and conditions, please submit them with your proposal.

All terms and conditions will be subject to negotiation.

a. Proposals must be received on or before 8/16/2016 to be considered.

b. Proposals must remain valid for a period of 18 days.

c. Glendale Arts anticipates selecting at least two artists to have more in­ depth discussions with, and will make an award to one of these artists.


Open to all artists age 18+ living in the southern California region. Artists must have previous experience with at least three (3) similar projects. Applicants should note that the selected artists and anyone handling or installing work on site will be required to be approved through Glendale Arts vendor policy.

Project Description 

Project Purpose:

The purpose of this project is to raise money for Count on Alex; a major fundraising campaign designed to increase Glendale Arts reserves by 2020. The 5 year campaign kicked off at the Alex Theatre’s 90th birthday celebration in 2015. In addition to the donor wall component there will be seat naming and other various naming opportunities.

The City of Glendale is changing at a rapid pace. With the creation of more than 3,000 new residential units in the downtown area alone, there is currently construction and heavy traffic on nearly every street in the area. New companies are replacing long standing businesses overnight. The rapid growth can be overwhelming for those who have lived in Glendale all their lives. Others are drawn to the city because of the excitement and growth. Whether you’re native to Glendale or a new resident, it's good to know that you can "Count on Alex." The Alex Theatre has been standing since 1925, and with more than 125,000 visitors to the performing arts center in 2016, it brings a positive, creative, and economic impact to residents and tourists alike.

Glendale Arts’ intent for the donor feature is to recognize and thank those who have substantially contributed, or will contribute, to the progression of Glendale Arts and the Alex Theatre.

With a selected location for a permanent, fixed object, the project should simultaneously celebrate the community that supports the arts and creatively enhance the space.

Project Description: 

The feature should allow for up to 100 names including individuals, foundations, businesses and government entities, with some names to be added after the initial installation. The dimensions for the space where the feature is reserved are 8.5 ft. high, 11 ft. wide, and 4 ft. deep. The scale of the feature must fit within these parameters, and may be smaller than the given dimensions. The feature can be made out of durable and cleanable material including (but not limited to) ceramic, stone, metals, wood, or glass. Additionally, the piece should pay homage to the theatre's historic design while adding a contemporary element to the space. The feature should compliment and artistically enhance the space. Artists should be able to design, build and install donor recognition for a total of $20,000. Total cost can be subject to change based on the proposal's options for added or reduced costs. Interested parties may request photographs of the site which include the designated space for the feature.

RFP & Project Timelines 

The Request for Proposal timeline is as follows:

Request for Proposal Due: 8/16/2016

Contract Award / Notification to all Bidders: 8/26/2016

First Design Review/Approve Design: 8/31/2016

Unveil/Reveal of Design: 9/4/2016

The date for project completion is September 4th, 2017. Artists may propose a date earlier or later, and will be evaluated accordingly.


Glendale Arts’ budget for the project is $20,000. This budget includes all costs associated with the design and fabrication of the feature as well as materials, artist fees, and installation. Total cost can be subject to change based on the proposal's options for added or reduced costs.

Selection will be influenced by the discerned value of the feature, efficient use of funds, and proposed budgets that take into account detail, labor intensiveness of finished product, and material costs.

Evaluation Factors 

Glendale Arts will rate proposals based on the following factors:

1. Responsiveness to the requirements set forth in this Request for Proposal

2. Meet artistic vision

3. Relevant past performance/experience

4. Design samples reflect the aesthetic style that embodies the campaign, organization, and space

5. Cost, including an assessment of total cost of ownership

6. Demonstrate ability to work within the project timeline

Glendale Arts reserves the right to award to the bidder that presents the best value to Glendale Arts as determined solely by Glendale Arts in its absolute discretion.

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