Call for Artists: Valley Girls

11:11 A Creative Collective

Glendale, CA

Call to the VALLEY GIRLS!

Deadline: November 30th

The “valley girl” type is a cinematic idea. This character represents only a small minority of women. The truth of women in the valley is extreme diversity colored by Los Angeles, the world’s creative capital. Representing this richness is our objective.

If you grew up in the San Fernando Valley, your story is THE missing piece for redefining the VALLEY GIRL!

1) Submit a photograph of yourself either alone or with other Valley Girls.

2) Include the year the photograph was taken, the exact location and your age.

3) Write a short paragraph about your experience growing up in the San Fernando Valley.  How has the Valley shaped your identity?  What does it mean in 2018 to be Valley Girl?

4) Email this to: [email protected]


Deadline: November 30th

Eligability: Emerging or professional female contemporary artists who identify as Valley Girls.

What makes you a valley girl?
You either grew up in, once lived in or currently live in the 818 (which includes Burbank, Glendale, San Fernando and Calabasas)  The San Fernando Valley has, in some way, shaped who you are and affected your creative practice.

2d or 3d works including painting, puiblic art, murals, illustration, photography, works on paper, mixed media, multi media, sculpture and installation.  The over-arching theme is IDENTITY.

Please submit:
- Link to your portfolio or website.  Link must include current and previous works.  Social media handles will not be accepted.
- A short biography.
- A description of how the Valley has informed your identity and creative practice.

Submit to:
[email protected]

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