Call for Artists & Vendors

Los Angeles, CA


Calentura is looking for live artists and vendors for our monthly event at Los Globos in Silverlake. We are specifically interested in tropical and tribal themes. Past artists have brought WIPs to continue/complete in the lively and exciting environment. Past vendors have brought completed paintings, jewelry, and spiritual items like incense, palo santo, and crystals. Our goal is to provide a variety of stimulation to the senses of our attendees through the soundtrack, environment, artists, and vendors throughout the night.

Please contact [email protected] if you would like to participate. Though there are limited spots per event, we do not ask any vendor rent/fee. You must bring your own equipment, i.e. easel, display, table, lighting.

Calentura: Ritmos Mundiales is a nighttime rain forest escape set to a global bass soundtrack. It’s a celebration of all things tropical with a primary focus on the music that draws people together across Latin America, Europe, and Africa. At each event, Baile Funk, Cumbia, Dancehall, Dembow, Moombahton, Reggaeton, and Zouk dominate the sound palate allowing attendees to travel around the world in a single night thanks to the worldwide artists who join us. Every production detail represents the hot, humid, and untamed rainforest conditions we aim to create. However, rather than replicating what we would find on Earth, we imagine this as a nearby world or alternate reality where everything feels right but is just different enough to make us look twice. In this space, as with any foreign, natural environment, we want our guests to feel only partly in control of what the night will bring.

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