Call for Artwork

Aerial Gallery 

City of Las Vegas Office of Cultural Affairs 

Aerial Gallery: Red
CALL FOR ARTWORK: The city of Las Vegas Office of Cultural Affairs is seeking an artist/artist team to provide banner art for  the Aerial Gallery exhibit, Red, along First Street, part of the First Street Art Trail.
BUDGET: A $1000 honorarium will be offered to each selected artist/artist team per-block (8 blocks in total).
DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTALS: August 14, 2016, 11:59pm PST.
ELIGIBILITY: Open to all artists/artist teams, excluding city of Las Vegas employees . Must submit a suite of at least 10 images to qualify for review (see supporting documents below to find detailed application instructions and the required application form).
LOCATION: 31 Light poles along the First Street Art Trail, First Street from Bridger Avenue to Boulder Plaza, Las Vegas, NV, 89101.
THEME: The unifying theme of the exhibition will be the color red.
HISTORY: The city of Las Vegas first introduced the Aerial Gallery to the community in the year 2000, along Las Vegas Boulevard. Since its creation, the gallery has grown and adjusted to the ever-changing downtown, taking on several forms and locations along the boulevard. The newest installation of the Aerial Gallery will become part of the city’s growing Public Art collection along the First Street Art Trail, an eight-block stretch along First Street, from Bridger Avenue to Boulder Plaza, which unveiled its public art component in 2014. Other features along the trail include the Windows on First temporary art installations, Mary Hill’s Cycled Musings, and Jesse Smigel’s, Snowball in Vegas.
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The city of Las Vegas is seeking an artist or multiple artists to provide high-res digital, 2-d copies of their original artwork for printing onto vinyl banners to be temporarily displayed outdoors for approximately one year, as part of an ongoing Juried Exhibition project on the First Street Art Trail. This project call is open to any art form that can be translated into a 2-d format (for example, quilters would be encouraged to submit images of quilts, or details from a quilt, as long as the images meet the technical specifications). This 8-block space hosts varying government, commercial and residential operations, including the city hall building, county jail, RTC downtown hub, Arts District, and more. Each block offers dynamic opportunities for display, as the artwork would be available to the public at all times during the exhibit. Artist(s) will be selected by block, allowing for up to eight artists’ work to be selected. Each light pole will have two banners hung on it, allowing for each artist to have 6-10 images on display per-block, depending on the block. Each printed vinyl banner will be 18 inches wide by 60 inches tall, with double sided printing.
APPLICATION PROCESS: Visit the ArtsRegistryLas.Vegas site to view the full call, supporting documents and to apply. Fill out upload the completed Aerial Gallery Submission Form (typed or hand-written is accepted). Upload one artist resume and a minimum of 10 images. Be sure to specify if you are applying for a specific block you feel your artwork may best relate to; block requests are not guaranteed. Artists are asked to submit artwork for the block as a whole, not individually by light pole.  Artwork and images should be vertical in orientation, as final banners are vertically oriented.  All submissions and supporting materials are due electronically and will only be accepted through the ArtsRegistryLas.Vegas website.  Submissions will be selected by a qualified Juror, in collaboration with city of Las Vegas staff. By applying, you grant the city of Las Vegas the authority to use your image or a detail of your image in creating a banner. The city of Las Vegas holds all rights and responsibilities for the banner design and images of the completed banners may be used in promotional materials of the city of Las Vegas.
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Banner orientation: Vertical; Banner size: 24.375 inches wide x 62.25 inches long (with 2.25 inch pole pockets at the top and bottom); Banner material: Vinyl, double-sided printing
BREAKDOWN OF BLOCKS FOR CONSIDERATION: Block 1, Bridger Ave. to Lewis Ave., 3 light poles, 6 banners total (trailhead); block 2, Lewis Ave. to Clark Ave., 3 light poles, 6 banners total; block 3, Clark Ave. to Bonneville Ave., 4 light poles, 8 banners total; block 4, Bonneville Ave. to Garces Ave., 4 light poles, 8 banners total; block 5, Garces Ave. to Gass Ave., 5 light poles, 10 banners total; block 6, Gass Ave. to Hoover Ave., 5 light poles, 10 banners total; block 7, Hoover Ave. to Coolidge Ave., 4 light poles, 8 banners total; block 8, Coolidge Ave. to Boulder Ave., 3 light poles, 6 banners total (trailhead). Entire Project: 31 light poles with 2 double-sided banners hung on each one. *The number of light poles and banners available per block is subject to change
For questions about this program, please contact: Rebecca Holden, Visual Arts Specialist II – Public Art, City of Las Vegas Office of Cultural Affairs, 702-229-5431 or [email protected].

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