Call for Entries: Art 4 Art - Life Drawings

STU/FF Hollywood 

Los Angeles, CA

I’m opening up a shop in late November 2018 that will specialize in plants, locally made goods and artworks. For the grand opening event I’m looking to showcase a variety of Life Drawing sketches, paintings, etc. The idea is that all of us artists went through the same classes: Drawing 101, Painting 101, Life Drawing, Color Composition, etc. = “Art 4 Art.” The hope is to have a series of events for each class showing a variety of styles of the same content.  

For the first event I will focus on only Life Drawing. I’m more interested in the quicker sketches where in class we had only a few minutes to draw 20 poses, but am open to more finished pieces as well. Artists are welcome to choose their own frames but I want to use thrifted, vintage frames to highlight being more sustainable. That’s why I want to pull out all your beloved works from your old sketchbooks and showcase them in a new light. 

Location: STU/FF Hollywood 
5659 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90048

Submission Deadline: November 11, 2018

Please send only images of your work to this email: [email protected]
After selection, you can drop off or mail-in your selected works to be framed. 

There is no cost to submit. No cost to display if selected. If your work is bought, the space will take a 20% commission

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