Call for entries "RadeoFlyer" NY/LA Exhibition

DAC Gallery 

Downtown LA 

A.O.P.O. (Atlantic Coast Pacific Coast) is an emerging arts collective which seeks to connect contemporary art on both sides of the country.  Today we are thrilled to announce our first-ever exhibition, RadeoFlyer.  This exhibition revolves around humble and oft-overlooked art of the flyer.  We are currently taking submissions from all parts of the country and require only digital entries of work.  Please refer to details below.  If interested, send submissions by July 20, 2016 to be included in our city-wide display of works throughout NY and LA.  If you would only like to be included in our gallery show at the non-profit DAC Gallery in downtown LA (January 12 - Feb 14, 2017) please submit by December 20, 2017.  You may submit to both events.     

RadeoFlyer is a collaboration between curators and artists working in Manhattan and Los Angeles. The art of the flyer usually goes unnoticed this collaboration is solely for the purposes of displaying ARTFUL & IRREVERENT interpretations of the flyer.

Please submit a maximum of 3 PDF files, black and white designs with a resolution of 300 dpi. -8.5 x 11” to [email protected] by July 20, 2016 to have your work exhibited in urban spaces as public intervention and by December 20, 2017 to have your work displayed at the DAC Gallery in downtown LA from January 12-Feb 14.   All gallery proceeds will go to support the Exceptional Children's Foundation, a non-profit organization.  Follow the progress on Twitter @radeoflyer and please visit our website at

​ Los Angeles, CA -MAIDEN LA is a county-wide network of ‘happenings’ that will take place during the month of August 2016. The focus is to highlight Los Angeles as a vastly extensive and vibrant community, connecting open studios and exhibitions throughout the region.




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