Call for Femxle-Identifying Artists: SEXPOSED


Los Angeles, CA

SEXPOSED is a community-focused event, featuring femxle-identifying artists who champion women’s empowerment with works focused on female diversity, body positivity, sex and sexuality, fetish-freedom, and the disruption of societal dispositions surrounding abuse, harassment, and gender inequality.


SEXPOSED is committed to presenting womxn (a group severely underrepresented in the art industry) and invigorating femxle strength and sexuality by offering a platform of solidarity through the communication of  intersectionality and art. SEXPOSED aims to stimulate guests of all ages, genders, and backgrounds by catalyzing provocative conversation, and challenging ideas of womxnhood and the femxle-experience.   


Leading up to the exhibition, SEXPOSED 2019 will host participatory and instructional workshops and classes and a diverse program of events to encourage guests to engage with the art and space in evolving and transformative ways. In addition to the curated selection of art, SEXPOSED 2019 will also include exquisite, hand-picked performances; a photo-booth; artisanal, local vendors; and intimate experiences.


Artists, fans, and guests are encouraged to interact within Space City Vintage LA, the venue host, who will present a special selection of bespoke vintage pieces and rockabilly vibes in their brand-new showroom, tattoo studio, and barber shop. A bar will be present, however, non-alcoholic beverages will be available for guests under 21 years old (ID required).


SEXPOSED believes in giving back to the local community, and is committed to donating exhibition proceeds to organizations doing amazing work. SEXPOSED 2019 will be benefiting RAINN, which hosts the National Sexual Assault Hotline, and supports victims of sexual abuse with resources and much-needed field work.




  • SEXPOSED 2019 is a juried exhibition. 
    Due to space limitations, submission does not guarantee acceptance into the physical exhibition, however, all submissions will be in the virtual gallery online. 
  • Submission photos must be high-quality, and accurately represent the artwork.
  • All submitting artists, regardless of acceptance to the physical showing of their work will receive a free VIP entry to the exhibition receptions. 
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place pieces will earn a certificate, cash award, honorary placement and recognition at the exhibition. 
  • One artist from SEXPOSED will be awarded the opportunity for a solo exhibition



  • The SEXPOSED call for art is open to femxle-identifying artists of any race, age, background, religion, nationality, etc. All guests are welcome and invited to attend.
  • Artwork must be original work created by the submission artist.
  • Artwork must exemplify the SEXPOSED theme. 
  • While we specifically want artworks created in 2017 or later, we will accept older works on a case by case basis. 
    [Artists submitting older work are encouraged to make a case for the piece in the artwork description.]
  • Artwork should not exceed 36 inches on any side. 
    [Appeals can be made for sculptural work and installation proposals.]
  • All 2D & 3D work must be framed and ready to hang. 
    [Canvases are approved exempt. Clips will not be accepted unless absolutly vital and integral to the accepted piece. Artists submitting free-hanging work must make a case in the artwork description and include photo.]
  • Artwork prices should remain lower than $7,500. Artists may submit higher-priced work, but it is not recommended. We ask artists to list their lowest base price to encourage sales for the fundraiser.

If an artist would like to donate work to the silent auction, 100% of the sale will be donated to RAINN. Donated pieces will not be counted towards the SEXPOSED juried submissions. The piece(s) will be automatically included in the physical and online exhibition. Donations may include framed and signed prints, apparel, original work etc. 


  • OPEN SUBMISSIONS                            APRIL 22 - AUG 1       | 11:59P PST
  • ARTISTS ANNOUNCED                         ON/BEFORE AUG 3   | 5P PST
  • ARTWORK DROP OFF/RECEIVED       SEP 2                          | 4-8P
  • EXHIBITION DATES                               SEP 13-22                   | TIMES VARY
  • ARTWORK PICK-UP                               SEP 25                        | 4-8P PST
  • ARTWORKS SHIPPED                           SEP 26                        | 2P PST
  • ARTISTS PAID FROM SALES                OCT 18 or BEFORE    | 5P PST




SEXPOSED THEME- works should be focused on sexuality, body positivity, sensuality, healing, fetish-freedom, the femxle experience of sex, and the disruption of social stigmas regarding abuse, harassment, and gender inequality. 

Works will be judged for acceptance and available awards based on the following criteria:

  1. Interpretation and clarity of the theme to the viewer.
  2. Creativity & originality of the theme.
  3. Quality of artistic composition and overall design as it relates to the theme.
  4. Overall impression of the art. What is the affect of the artwork in general and as a whole? Does it stand on its own as a complete and outstanding work of art?
  5. ***(Solo Exhibition Only) Overall impression of the body of submissions. Is the artist's style clearly portrayed, or do they represent many capabilities? Is the body of work cohesive and share a story?



Please apply online BEFORE AUGUST 1ST, 11:59PM PST.


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