Call for Graphic Design Services

Kounkuey Design Initiative (KDI)

Los Angeles, CA

Project: Adopt-A-Lot



Kounkuey Design Initiative (KDI), a non-profit community development and design organization, is accepting proposals for graphic design services for the Adopt-A-Lot Pilot Program.



The City of Los Angeles has around 2,000 vacant lots in its inventory, which are often unmaintained, underutilized and magnets for nuisance activity. The Free Lots Angeles (FLA) coalition, co-led by KDI, is helping residents in low-income, park-poor LA neighborhoods transform these lots into hubs for culture and recreation that provide necessary community benefits.



The Adopt-A-Lot Pilot Program is a joint initiative from the City of LA and the Free Lots Angeles coalition that allows low-income communities to temporarily adopt City-owned vacant lots and transform them into vibrant neighborhood hubs (See Curbed LA article linked here). The goal is to create a citywide permanent Adopt-A-Lot program with a culturally relevant, community-driven brand and promotional campaign. We are looking for a graphic designer to brand, promote, and guide the ‘Adopt-A-Lot’ pilot program to that end. The designer will work collaboratively with KDI as part of the project team.



  1. Visual Identity

Create a graphic identity and messaging as a basis for designing materials to support the promotion and implementation of the program, including iterations of an Adopt-A-Lot logo, color palette, typeface, guidelines, etc. working closely with the KDI Adopt-A-Lot project team


  1. Community Engagement

During an Adopt-A-Lot workshop, engage with community members to test cultural appropriateness, efficacy, and reception of Adopt-A-Lot Visual Identity and messaging.


  1. Signage + Outreach

Apply visual identity and messaging to promotional materials including event notification, which may include any of the following: mailers/postcards, flyers, banners, posters, street signs, sidewalk stickers, fence signage on the vacant lots, etc.

  1. Website

Design and develop, in coordination with KDI staff, a simple Adopt-A-Lot website. The website should be a maximum of two pages and provide program information including a breakdown of the lot adoption process with photos.


  1. Toolkit

KDI will convene a meeting with the artist and the Adopt-A-Lot participants to brainstorm ideas for the toolkit through sharing lessons learned from creating and testing the graphic identity, messaging and materials, and transforming vacant lots. From that meeting, the artist will synthesize the information into a toolkit that includes the graphic identity, messaging, and materials created, as well as useful resources and an Adopt-A-Lot guide. The result will be an accessible, beautiful and culturally appropriate manual for other neighborhoods looking to adopt a vacant lot.


Project budget range (includes fee and materials): $8,000-12,000


Please submit a portfolio with at least 3 projects, 10 pages max, as well as 2 references from past clients, a CV, and proposed budget to:


Jessie Heneghan, Planning Coordinator

[email protected]

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