Call for Participants: The Q Story Stream

Houses on the Moon Theater Company

Los Angeles, CA

Houses on the Moon Theater Company is seeking participants for The Q Story Stream (working title), a cross-cultural story-sharing project between the LGBTQ communities from the world’s oldest constitutional democracy, the U.S., and the world’s largest, India.

The focus of the project is to explore LGBTQ history in two countries through an entirely personal lens.

We are putting together a diverse ensemble of LGBTQ  storytellers of all ages (sixteen through one hundred and six!) Seeking LA-based queer theater artists, writers, raconteurs, activists, pioneers, educators and funny people as well as those with no previous writing or performing experience who may have a remarkable story to tell.

Participants will engage in a mix of creative writing and storytelling exercises, discussion, interviews and craft analysis to create their own five to ten minute true story exploring some aspect of LGBTQ identity. The guiding principle of the project is to use video-chat platforms to harness the power of call and response. True stories of love, struggle and liberation told on one continent have the potential to inspire, educate and empower participants from across the globe.

The workshops will culminate in a series of three live storytelling performances in Los Angeles and Mumbai, India, which will incorporate streaming video from the partner nation. Must have once-a-week availability for workshops, March-May, time/place TBD. A small stipend will be available for travel and for performance.  Possible future pay.


To be considered please email us with a brief introduction of who you are and what interests you about this project. Please include a piece of writing of no more than two pages (ideally non fiction/essay) which captures your authentic voice or point of view. This can also be an informal telling of a personal story. Alternatively, you can also send us a link or small file of video or audio of you telling a story or an just an idea for a story which explores some aspect of LGBTQ identity. (No more than four minutes, please.)

Possible topics include (but are not limited to) shame and pride, first love or lust, finding your tribe, fight or flight, education vs. miseducation, doing gender, family, spirituality, nation, technology and intimacy, legitimacy and liberty. Email submissions (or questions) to Jeffrey Solomon at [email protected] or if you want to call and leave a voice message with just and idea for a story you’d like to explore in the workshop, you can do so at (707) 636-4263.

The project is being led in the US by Houses on the Moon Co-founder and Moth Grand Slam Champion, Jeffrey Solomon, and in India by Sachin Jain, Artistic Director of Anekant Productions in Mumbai.


Houses on the Moon Theater Company’s mission is to dispel ignorance and isolation through the theatrical amplification of unheard voices.


Jeffrey Solomon, co-founder of HOTM, is the playwright and director of Houses’ productions of Building Houses on the Moon and De Novo (59E59 St. Theaters and New York Theater Workshop, Next Door) and the playwright of Tara’s Crossing (Tenement Theatre). He has taught HOTM’s storytelling workshops with underserved communities, curating and directing the story-based theater projects TRANSformation (True stories about gender identity and family), and gUN Country (True stories from people whose lives have been touched by guns.) His solo play MotherSON has had acclaimed runs at HERE, the Oval House (UK), and Theater Works (Melbourne, Australia). The play has been presented as an educational and support tool around LGBT and human rights issue in India, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines. Jeff wrote Jim Henson’s CITYKIDS which was Emmy nominated for Best Children’s special. He is a MOTH Grand Slam Champion and has been featured on NPR’s Moth Radio Hour.

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