Call for Participation in Performance Art Educational Program

Performance Art Studies #49 

Bratislava, Slovakia 

PAS | Performance Art Studies # 49 | NEIGHBOURHOOD

September 17 -26, 2016, Bratislava, Slovakia

In cooperation with Nomadic Arts Festival, participants will be led by BBB Johannes Deimling ( and guest teacher Brian Connolly (BBeyond)

max. 12 participants

Explore visual arts and performance in Bratislava!

Our goal is first and foremost to provide a high quality of teaching. We do not throw the famous names to catch your attention, we invite guests who most importantly can offer something valuable to enrich the process.

Participants are meant to take up the challenge to study the given topic in many possible ways.

During these Studies we will be confronted with the term, "NEIGHBOURHOOD”, where site-specific, long durational performances and interactive forms of art-making are in the focus of how to adjust and enhance an artistic ephemeral concept of performative art.

We offer the opportunity to research, discover and explore a specific area of Bratislava. The area is situated at the periphery of the “Old Town” - surrounding the Contemporary Cultural Centre A4 – and is a mix of different kinds of architecture, calm areas, markets and empty spots between buildings, while hidden behind the main train station and the busy street Sancova.

This Neighbourhood, with its diverse possibilities, will be the subject of the #49 study program.The challenge of the researchers will be the questions of how to access private and public space in this area and how far it is possible to include the local people in the PAS activities. Neighbourhood is thus meant as a metaphor for how we react to what surrounds us rather than using the space for individual work.

The Studies will be very intense, filled with practical and theoretical exercises and tasks. Following to the topic of PAS #49 we will research different performance art practices and create an experimental setting in which we will work towards an individual and/or collective performance work which will be presented as part of the Nomadic Performance Art Festival 2016: Neighbourhood and Territory, in the public realm of the quarter.

For more information about the concept and our program visit the website: neighbourhood/

Anyone can apply, we only need your commitment. Experience or special skills are not required.

Applications are being accepted until August 20, 2016, if you are interested, send your application (CV and work examples) to [email protected]

Price: € 350 (It does not include travel and accommodation costs.) If there are financial difficulties due to travel and accommodation costs, contact PAS. 

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