Call for Submissions: From Her 2016

Los Angeles, CA
FROM HER: In Honor of Women's History Month

FROM HER 2016: In Honor of Women’s History Month
March 10 to April 10, 2016


DEADLINE: Saturday, 2/20/16 by 5:00 p.m. PST

El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument and El Pueblo Park Association present:

FROM HER: In Honor of Women’s History Month 
March 10 – April 10, 2016 

El Tranquilo Gallery & Information Center  
(located on Olvera Street)

Address: W-19 Olvera Street | Los Angeles, CA 90012

Back by popular demand, the “From Her” exhibition will be from March 10 – April 10, 2016 
at El Tranquilo Gallery and Information Center (located on Olvera Street.) 

This year’s theme is “Women Leaders: Past and Present.” 

All throughout history and across cultures, women have made remarkable 
strides as leaders in education, art, music, business, community advocacy, 
social justice, environmentalism, politics, and in many other fields.

To this day, there are countless women who exemplify leadership 
in their communities and continue to make a difference in society.

In honor of Women’s History Month, artists are invited to submit pieces that celebrate and commemorate various women leaders in history or present day.

Family-friendly exhibition content is kindly requested (appropriate for children.)

Open to established and emerging artists of various mediums.
(For submitting artwork, please no food or live plants.) 

*** Please note that this year's exhibit is in a different gallery space,
not the Pico House gallery. 

All submissions must be received no later than
 Saturday, 2/20/16 by 5:00 p.m. PST

- A maximum of four (4) submissions from each artist.
- All submissions must be the artist’s original work.
- Artists with accepted work will be notified by the end of February.
- If accepted, all work must be delivered to El Pueblo Historical Monument 
by March 7, 2016.

*** El Pueblo Historical Monument reserves the right to change the exhibition timeline and/or re-schedule or cancel this exhibition at any time. ***


Website Link:

ONLY Submissions received through the Online Submission Form will be accepted. Please DO NOT mail or drop off original artwork.

You MUST provide the following information for each artwork submitted by filling out the Online Submission Form.
1.) Artist’s Name: 1a. First name and 1b. Last name
2.) Contact Info: 2a. Mailing Address; 2b. Contact Phone Number; 2c. E-Mail Address
3.) Artwork Info: 3a. Title of Work; 3b. Year(s) Executed; 3c. Media; 3d. Dimensions
4.) Artist Statement: A few words on the piece and how it is related to the “From Her” theme.


1) First, fill out the Online Submission Form from using the link above. 
a. You must fill out an Online Submission for each entry.
b. If you are submitting the maximum of 4 submissions, you must fill out the Online
Submission Form four (4)  times.
c.   Artists may submit a maximum of four (4) art pieces. Not all pieces may accepted.

2) Then, e-mail the high resolution .jpg(s) photo(s) of the submitting artwork to: [email protected]
a.    Please make sure that the NAME of the .JPG MATCHES the TITLE of the artwork that you filled out on the Online Submission Form.
b.     Please be sure to have good quality, high resolution images (500KB to 2MB.) The photo(s) should represent the true color and detail of the artwork.
c.    If you are submitting the maximum of 4 submissions, then email ALL 4 images into ONE EMAIL.

 3) Your e-mail  MUST HAVE the following SUBJECT LINE to be considered:

               Subject Line: FROM HER 2016 | Image Submission | Artist Name 

a.  Example: “From Her 2016: Image Submission: Jane Doe”

b. This exact subject line MUST be used as all emails are automatically sorted by the image submissions headline. 
c. El Pueblo Historical Monument and the History & Special Events Division is not            responsible for incorrect or mislabeled emails.  
d. El Pueblo Historical Monument and the History & Special Events Division is not
responsible for: emails that might be sorted into the Spam folder or incomplete submissions. 


Once your submission(s) and online application form have been received, 
you will receive a confirmation email that your submission has been processed.

*** Please ensure that your Spam filters allow emails from [email protected], as all correspondence pertaining to this exhibition will come from that account.***

Reminder: All submissions must be received by
Saturday, February 20th, 2016 by 5:00 p.m. PST 

Artists whose work is accepted for the exhibit will be notified by the end of February. 

The exhibit coordinator will contact respective artists to make arrangements for submission of required paperwork and delivery of artwork immediately following notification. 

Please note: Upon acceptance to the exhibition,  all accepted artwork must be 
received by/delivered to El Pueblo no later than March 7, 2016.

Upon notification, images of accepted work may be used in the exhibition’s publicity. 

For more information, please email [email protected] with the subject line 
“FROM HER QUESTION” or with “QUESTION” or “URGENT” as the subject line. 
We receive many e-mails and will try to respond as promptly as possible. 

Thank you!

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