Call for Submissions

The Residency Project

Pasadena, CA


ORGANIZATION: The Residency Project

LOCATION: Pasadena, CA

The Residency Project (TRP)
 is now accepting rolling submissions of site-specific 2D work for an interventionist curatorial project aimed at activating a blank outdoor interpretation board in Pasadena, California. The only two requirements are that the work is 2D and that it conforms to the exact dimensions of the board (22.75” W x 16.75” H). Otherwise, there are no material, aesthetic, or conceptual restrictions. Experiment within these parameters as much as you’d like!

This prompt is open to artists from ALL disciplines. The 2D requirement can be fulfilled by a visual work, a textual piece, an original composition, a document/artifact of a dance or performance, an ephemeral installation, a QR code to a webwork... The flat surface is limitless if you think outside the box.

True to TRP's values, this call for submissions encourages artists to research, explore, experiment, and play with new concepts and modes of making and/or engaging.

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