Call for Tattoo Artists

The Six Chowhouse

Calabasas, CA


Romance for February 2018

We are seeking inventive and creative Art by LA/SFV/Vent. County Tattoo Artists that embraces fully or peripherally themes of Romance or Romanticism.

No sappy hearts, cupids and valentines: Think outside the heart-shaped chocolate box.

NOTE: A deer skeleton covered in flowering vines could be considered romantic in a Byronic way, for instance. A beautifully rendered schematic of love chemicals could also be considered relevant. Think different.

Media: art on paper, canvas or other NON-SKIN artistic substrate - we don’t want to see tats on skin no matter how gorgeous they are.


  • No porn, explicit nudes, ghouls, skulls, zombies, gore or stuff you wouldn’t want to look at while eating.
  • Artists must be over 21 because, bar
  • Work must be your own

Note: This show takes place on 40” digital monitors in the main dining area of a very cool new dining and drinking establishment in Calabasas. Your photographs of your art ARE the show, so we need good, clean shots: in focus, lit well, think of product shots. If selected we will request Hi Rez images, 11 x 14 x 300dpi of your work and one of yourself.

Promotion: Artists names, brief bios & web links are an integral part of the exhibition.

Reception: Artists are invited to participate in a “Meet the Artists” event in the Bourbon Room ~ a cozy-chic “private club” style bar at the back of the venue.



Fees: no fees, no percentage

Submission: up to 10 images, no larger than 1M, + links to your insta &/or website

Direct your questions and Images to:

[email protected] (sorry for the short notice) Deadline: Jan 27, 2018

Do not contact the venue. Submissions and questions are only accepted via this link.

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