Call for Videos: soundpedro 2019 Earmaginations


Los Angeles, CA


Taking place at Angels Gate Cultural Center, soundpedro is an annual event, produced by the Long Beach artist group, FLOOD. The "Earmaginations" presentation will add greater conceptual breadth to soundpedro by moving beyond sound to “ear orientation.”
We are looking for ear-oriented silent videos that explore and synthesize ideas, images, and visual conceptualizations informed by or responding to the dynamics, the interplays, and the aesthetics of various auralities and deafnesses, hearing and listening. Videos will be displayed outdoors, on multiple surfaces.
We are looking for silent videos (5 - 15 minutes) that can include visualization of such themes or actions as:
• acoustics
• psychoacoustics
• audio technologies
• spatialization
• timbralization
• environmental sound
• hearing anatomies
• synaesthetic responses to sound
• imagined aural response
• connection of sound and hearing to sight and seeing
• autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR)


Feb 14, 2019


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