Candidate Forum Questions

Questions for Candidates at Forums

Below are some ideas for questions to ask at your local candidate forum!  If you attend a candidate forum in your community, take along this list of questions and ask one. Note that, depending on the format of the forum, you may be required to submit your question in writing in advance.


School Board Forum

(School Board Member Candidates)
  • What will you do to ensure that every child has access to a complete education that includes the arts? 
  • What role do you think creativity can play in supporting key priorities of the district, such as reducing the drop out rate, closing the achievement gap, and preparing more students for college eligibility and/or meaningful careers? 
  • In light of the new funding structure for school districts in the state (i.e. the Local Control Funding Formula), how do you see arts education aligning with the eight priority areas


Municipal Forum

(Mayoral or City Council Candidates)
  • What three things would you do to deepen the City's investment in its creative economy (cultural tourism, in-direct and direct jobs, nonprofit and for profit)?
  • How would you champion modifications to, or expansion of the City's current funding stream for local arts and culture? 
  • What do you believe the role of the Mayor/ City Council should be in the development and support of the region's cultural infrastructure? 
  • How would you support the County's Cultural Equity & Inclusion Initiative, which is aimed at increasing representation, diversity, and access to the arts for all people?



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