Casting Notice - Swarm Cell

Los Angeles, CA
Greenway Court Theatre


Greenway Court Theatre is casting for its upcoming production of SWARM CELL by Gabriel Rivas Gomez, directed by Robert Castro.

Performance Dates: 1/30/16 to 2/28/16
Previews: 1/28-1/29
Rehearsal Dates: Tentatively scheduled for 12/14/15 to 1/27/15

Auditions are by appointment only.
Sides will be provided.

Greenway Court Theatre
544 North Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90036
(Free parking in the adjacent lot and street parking)

Tuesday 12/8, 5pm - 8pm
Wednesday 12/9, 5pm - 8pm

Thursday 12/10, 5pm – 9pm

TO SUBMIT send photo/resume to[email protected].

Twenty-five years from now, a pair of homeless people, one deaf and the other pregnant and undocumented, are desperate and need a place to work in an upside down economy. They and work in a warehouse that preys on people like them and they realize that the boxes they pack have more worth than the vagabonds who pack them. Their only hope might be to form community with people who don’t even share a common language. Inspired by John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath.


TOMASINA: 20’s. Mexican. She is seven months pregnant
* Needs to be BILINGUAL (English/Spanish)

K.C.: 40's/50’s. Male. Any Ethnicity. Deaf. Homeless. A former musician whose ears
have failed him at just the wrong time. We are encourage deaf actors to submit for
this role. *MUST be ASL fluent

MA JOAD: 40's-60's. Female. African American. Earthy. Strong to the point that
people think she’s crazy.

WINFIELD: Late 20’s. African American.
*We are encouraging FTM Trans actors to submit for this role.

ADAM: Female. Can be any age. Dresses like a C.E.O. Who is afraid of becoming a
temp. *This actor also plays Floyd Knowels and Voice. * Also should be able to speak Spanish.

CHORUS 1: Female Latina/Mexican, any age.

CHORUS 2:  Female Latina/Mexican, any age.

CHORUS 3: Female Latina/Mexican, any age.

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