Glendale City Council Candidate Survey Archive

Glendale City Council Candidate Survey Archive

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Survey responses provided by each candidate are for voter information purposes only. Arts for LA does not endorse candidates seeking office. We are committed to fostering respectful, nonpartisan dialogue about issues relating to arts and culture. For more information, please read about our mission and values.

All eligible candidates were contacted to participate in the survey. If you would like to revise or submit responses, please contact Abe Flores at [email protected] or 213-225-7526.

Elections for this office are open to residents of the City of Glendale only. Voters may select three candidates.

To determine your home district or polling place, please visit the Los Angeles County Register-Recorder/County Clerk website.

Arts for LA thanks Glendale Arts for their partnership in collecting and distributing these survey results.

Candidates: Rick L. Barnes, Jefferson Black, Sam L. Engel, Laura Friedman, Edith Fuentes, Aram Kazazian, Roland Kedikian, Chahe Keuroghelian, Mike Mohill, Ara James Najarian, Zareh J. Sinanyan

Question 1: What was the most meaningful arts and cultural experience you had growing up?

Participation in school choirs and drama classes. Studied under a german master in photography for over 8 years. Was a professional photographer for 6 years. I have supported sevral actors, scuptors and writers from my own personal funds. They are all friends to this day. That is why I know the following questions are important.

As a child, my first major memory in life was witnessing the birth of Beatlemania on Ed Sullivan’s Show. I was in awe. Not only did that inspire a life-long adoration of music but a deep appreciation of all the arts. I grew up in the suburbs of Virginia outside the Nation’s Capitol. Sometimes my neighborhood pals and I would stage little plays in our basement, charging the parents 25 cents to attend! That was so much fun: great memories I’ll always cherish.

My father was a talented amateur vocal and instrumental musician and we always attended his performances. In addition, we regularly attended other musical performances and stage presentations both professional and amateur. We were encouraged to develop our own talents. We would attend community concerts in Burbank and in surrounding communities. My dad also liked classic film, so we attended screenings and lectures at UCLA.

I still remember my mother taking me to see the Mikado at Lincoln Center when I was a very small child. It was as though I had entered another world: a beautiful fantasyland of color, drama, costume and music. it showed me that there was a world of imagination and limitless possibilities. For the rest of my life, I have sought cultural experiences of all kinds. That experience, and many afterwards, convinced me that it is crucial it is for young children to have access the arts.

I still could remember how every time my Dad was home for an extended vacation (he used to work for the US Navy, Engineering section in Guam), he would make it a point to always take us (5 daughters and Mom) to different public parks and places in Metro Manila and we will play around fountains and public monuments and statutes (most of them were heroes and public figures). He also took us to watch special events, shows and concerts at the biggest Coliseum in Manila.

This candidate has not yet submitted a response.

When I was a teenager I remember being in Rome for the first time and being overwhelmed by all the ancient art that surrounded me and the different levels of history found in everything and every place. The most meaningful experience I had during that visit was seeing the statue of Daphne by Bernini. I was in awe at the level of detail in the sculpture. It was hard to believe the olive leaves and the vines were carved out of hard marble. The experience was simply stunning.

This candidate has not yet submitted a response.

This candidate has not yet submitted a response.

My most meaningful experience was playing violin in the school orchestra for 8 years. The experience developed my music appreciation as well as my understanding of working in a group.

I attended a music school for 7 years during my childhood, where I was trained as a pianist, learning music literature, music theory, solfeggio, and composition. That experience has shaped every aspect of my life ever since, from my outlook on the world, my musical and other tastes, my perception of the value of art in one's life, the importance of art in a society at large, and the need for promoting art as part of cultural viability at large.

Question 2: What do you believe the role of City Council should be in the development and support of the region's cultural infrastructure?

The fees being charged in the permit process of new and remodeling of homes. City Council, Commissioners in hte City of Glendale should show how much monies they personnaly donate to the Arts.I believe you would have greater acceptance of the residents and the taxpayers in support of the Arts not just the Educational Foundation. The Commission is okay, where is the Glendale Arts Foundation and their own support? This will again be a place that leadership would certainly help the rest of the residents support the Arts.

Historical Landmarks should be respected and preserved. The Glendale Historical Society has worked diligently through the years yet they still need council’s approval to get things done. The Alex Theatre, for example, was originally a Vaudeville theatre back in 1925 and is currently a registered Historical Landmark. Like the Alex Theatre, I’d champion a pathway for similar venues to be considered as Historical Landmarks, enabling a tax break (if warranted) and streamlining the process for such treasures to be restored and refurbished to their former glory.

The City Council sets the climate for support of the arts in the community, and through their 'cheerleading' on behalf of the arts, encourages proliferation of cultural events and participation. In addition, the Council can promote existing cultural opportunities in the community. If funds are available, the Council can encourage low-key cultural activities and art instalations, through grants and program funding. Finally, the Council can incentivize funding of the arts through development incentives.

I believe that the arts and culture is absolutely key to creating a thriving and dynamic community, both for the quality of life for its residents and to engage and challenge young people. In addition, the arts serve as an economic driver for cities, bringing visitors and encouraging investment of all kinds. The City Council should create policies that encourage and support the arts, and should also find ways to financially fund the arts.

This candidate has not yet submitted a response.

The Council should play a very active and major role in the development and support of the region's cultural infrastructure. As a matter of fact, being one of the most 'diverse' city in the county or the region, we should spearhead the development and support, and that we should have the most diverse 'ideas' to offer.

City council should be an enabling force for parties interested in the arts to effectuate their goals. The infrastructure should include aspects that would attract revenue generating art events to Glendale. Coupling art with revenue generation is the surest way to create the necessary support on city council for it to continue to be an enabling force. If elected, I would support investment in infrastructure that can become a source of revenue and cultural growth for the City of Glendale.

This candidate has not yet submitted a response.

This candidate has not yet submitted a response.

The council should encourage and fund as much cultural infrastructure as possible. it will serve the community in numerous beneficial ways that are often unrecognized. It will serve youth, seniors and the entire range of demographics in the city.

Arts and culture are an integral part of any healthy society. Glendale cannot be a complete and great city if it does not have a vibrant cultural scene. Thus, as with every other aspect of life in Glendale, the City Council has an important role to play in making sure that the cultural infrastructure is not overlooked, and its importance is not underestimated and overshadowed by, what may in the short term be perceived as, fiscal and economic concerns of the City. A viable cultural infrastructure will, in the long run, translate into a healthier business environment and higher standard of living for Glendale's residents.

Question 3: How would you champion modifications to, or expansion of, the city's current funding stream for local arts and culture?

By getting more volunteers in question 2 above.

If feasible, I would be in favor of expanding funding for local artistic & cultural endeavors. In rocky economic times the first thing most governmental entities do is cut funding for the arts. This is a travesty. If history repeats itself, lets just take a look back at The Great Depression - the worst economic time in our country’s history, yet also it’s most creative! Films like The Wizard of Oz, Gone With The Wind (to name a few) helped make The Great Depression Hollywood’s most lucrative period. If earmarked funding is already in place for local arts and culture, then great! If not we should brainstorm creative ways to raise / increase funds for just that purpose.

General fund support of the arts should not be expected in the near future. I say this not because I do not think arts are important,but rather, this is a statement of fact. There is significant wealth in the Glendale community to support the arts. It would seem that the community is not accessing this resource adequately to support cultural opportunities, shifting philanthropic giving from other arenas to the arts. Glendale could copy Burbank's model and offer fee-based classes that help support arts programs in the public setting.

I am very proud of having supported the City's arts fund. I do not believe the fund should be limited to public art, but should consider funding arts programming of all types. I am open to consider ways of expanding the arts fund.

I will strive hard to look for other ways to expand or increase the current funding stream. I will champion for creative ways of getting additional funds, such as: joint fundraising projects with private and big corporations; modifying some of the ways we do things and start thinking like a real business to gain and make profits; use of current big celebrities that are into arts/culture to entice other 'big donors' to help fund and support projects; collaborate with other groups and organization; use branding and lots of advertising.

This candidate has not yet submitted a response.

Ideally we should create an environment for arts and culture that would be self sufficient and revenue generating for self maintenance. If elected as a city council member, I would champion active involvement of council in promoting events to increase attendance and revenue and explore all avenues for funding sources.

This candidate has not yet submitted a response.

This candidate has not yet submitted a response.

Currently the funding sources are limited, especially with the loss of RDA money. We need to encourage large and small groups to continue their work and support them with whatever available funds we have.

As the economy improves and the City has higher revenues, I would ensure that a fair proportion of any such additional monies are allocated to our Cultural programs. Furthermore, I would look at arts and culture from the perspective of effective assets in spurring and stimulating the economy. Our cultural venues should be viewed not just as recipients of funding, but in the long term, as sources of funding for the City. To this end, I would support the existing cultural institutions and work towards attracting additional businesses and entities engaged in the arts and culture to make the local arts even more vibrant and viable.

Question 4: What three things would you do to deepen the city's investment in its creative economy (cultural tourism, indirect and direct jobs, nonprofit and for profit)?

I believe that the Police have the city broken down into area commands and email of this would be a excellent way to get to the very base of our community in having year round block by block annual neighborhood get togethers. You bring some of the art involved residents to show how to get invoved and what is being spent from their tax dollars to inspire personnal donations. This would be a no pressure approach and generate from the grass roots. The residents and Taxpayors who may end up participating in the Art prograns.

1.) Movie Studio Tours! Disney & Dreamworks enjoy Glendale’s tax incentives but won’t open their doors to Tourists for Studio Tours! Perhaps they’ll have a change of heart. 2.) Attract Film Crews again. The Industry Trade Papers state that over half of all new motion pictures are filmed in Canada! Let’s give tax incentives back to local film-makers, revamping/ streamlining the process for them to use Glendale again. 3.) Restoring Famous Historical Landmarks. Though Disney’s refurbishing the Grand Central Air Terminal (Amelia Earhart’s) it seems to be taking forever! Our City Council should reduce the red tape to have these gorgeous landmarks restored to their former luster - and sooner rather than later.

1. Glendale needs a signature cultural event to showcase the different cultural elements/venues of our community. Cruise Night is not it. Burbank has its downtown arts showcase. Glendale could do the same. 2. We are in the heart of the entertainment industry, and many creative types live here. Part of what we need to do is to allow residents an opportunity to showcase their craft. A Comic-Con(?)type convention for creative types???? Think about it. 3. Engage the creative community in volunteer opportunities for performance art. This is a huge problem in SoCal (compared to other parts of the country) because of scale-wage limitations. It limits volunteer performance opportunities 4. Encourage devleopment of small venues like Coffee Gallery Backstage in Pasadena to showcase small acts. This would really add to the life of the neighborhood commercial areas, while not impacting the Q of L of the neighbors.

I have brought the GATE (Glendale Area Temporary Exhibits) Project to Glendale to eliminate blight while providing support for the arts in our downtown. I also created the San Fernando Creative Corridor program, which encourages and supports creative and arts industries in Glendale. In a post-Redevelopment world, the CIty's new Economic Development authority needs to continue to find ways of utilizing the arts as a creative engine in Glendale.

Make the City a major partner in all investments in its creative economy: Create a 'Focus Program' for the community where the City facilitates (not dictates) in helping the community get where it wants to be as far as jobs, tourism and others. Help in 'bridging' the heritage gaps between the young and the old with multi-cultural initiatives and after school programs. Get back to basic - invest in our youth, our future. Encourage passion and love for arts and culture by giving them the tools and venues to bring out those talents.

This candidate has not yet submitted a response.

The three things I would encourage to deepen the City's investment in its creative economy would be: 1. engage the art community to better understand the needs; 2. better promote Glendale as a destination for art and culture; 3. commit to develop the infrastructure needed for art venues that would create jobs and revenue.

This candidate has not yet submitted a response.

This candidate has not yet submitted a response.

The city Arts and Culture commission needs to take a more active and forceful role in promoting the arts. They should be holding events and raising money for the benefit of local artist and cultural groups. The community must come out and support the arts much more than they currently do. The council can promote this through advertising on Channel 6 and at the city council meetings.

First, I would work on Glendale's branding, in order to make sure that the City, in its entirety, is viewed by non-residents as a cultural center, a place where one wants to visit to attend plays, movies, various cultural events. Second, I would consult with those entities already present in the City to ensure that their voice is heard on the City Council, and their concerns, if any are understood and addressed by staff. Third, as is stated above, I would work hard to recruit more non-profit and for-profit entities engaged in arts and culture to Glendale because both will result in additional jobs and make Glendale a more well-rounded city.

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